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Boss Burgers - Chapel Allerton, Leeds

Boss Burgers has been on my food-radar for a little while. Their original joint in Hyde Park had caused quite a stir, not only with students, as I've seen it appear on lists of the best burgers in Leeds and tweets appearing in my timeline with some absolutely stunning pictures of the burgers they have to offer. When I found out that they were expanding and opening up in Chapel Allerton I was excited to give them a try.

Feeling lazy after a week at work we decided to head down one Friday evening arriving around 6.30pm. Parking isn't great in Chapel Allerton and we ended up in Lidl's car park, although this was at risk of clamping so I wouldn't recommend it, there is another car park behind co-op further up the road it's a bit of walk but it will avoid clamps and fines.

Boss Burgers' place in Chapel A is relatively small, seating at most 15-20 people. When we arrived I was worried we might not get a table and was starting to wonder if they took bookings, fear not however as there was a table just vacated in the corner.

BB sells pulled real ale, tick. D and I ordered a pint and a half of Saltaire Pale Ale, one of my favourites having lived next door to the brewery for 18 months and I believe the true introducer to my love of beer.

Saltaire Pale

We decided to share a starter of Glamorgan sausages, a veggie sausage of sorts. For those who haven't come across them before, they are of sausage shape and within a crunchy breaded case lies leeks and cheese They were piping hot and D complained that his fingers were burning whilst I took the below picture. Oops.

Glamorgan Sausages

As I've never had a Glamorgan sausage previously I can't compare but from what I can gather from the Internet they were spot on, a nice little non-meat aperitif to our main course burgers.

The selection of burgers on the menu spans just 6 options, with usually a couple of specials written on a blackboard. Four options are beef alongside your regular chicken and veggie options. Both the specials were meat based when we visited. I like a menu that keeps it simple, it makes it a hell of a lot easier to chose what you would like to get your teeth around.

D and I both opted for the smokeback burger. After being starved of bacon in Croatia we have been filling up on it ever since; the smokeback was the only option that would satisfy our bacon cravings.

Smokeback Burger

The burgers are served slightly pink inside (tick), the bacon is served crispy, if not a little charcoaled (tick) and the bun is brioche (standard). Smoked BBQ sauce is used as a moisturiser and flavour injector. It was relatively easy to each once chopped in half and there was no sauce mishaps. 

I am struggling to see what all the fuss is though, those who have read my previous burger posts will know that my favourites are Patty Smith's in The Belgrave Music Hall and coming close to them is Meat Liquor (but you're paying a premium for the same quality). I'm not one for big loud burgers that contain everything available in the kitchen, they're just too hard eat, fussy and the flavours start to cancel each other out. I'll give it to Boss Burgers that they don't seem to be in the later category as their burgers are fairly simple and not overly fussy. There was just something missing, something that Patty Smith's has that Boss Burgers doesn't. It all just felt a little too clean, maybe that's what's missing for me, the mess, the grease the feeling of eating a dirty burger. Hell if I'm going to indulge in a burger I might as well go all out.

Burgers come alone, sides need to be ordered separately. D and I both ordered a portion of fries, the natural and obvious choice.

The fries are like the ones your mum used to make, roughly cut and fried within an inch of their lives. They're not fluffy inside and you can feel the grease on your finger tips.

As it was Friday and we were being piggies we decided to have a dessert each, yes each, and we had a started... shut the back door. Or what ever the phrase is. 

Northern Bloc provide the ice cream, and therefore most of the desserts, to Boss Burgers. We've seen them hanging around at street food events and Trinity Kitchen but could never quite justify the price... until it's served in a dish at a restaurant...

I ordered the Yorkshire Parkin and Popcorn Sundae (also served with vanilla). I found the ginger in the parkin ice cream to be too over powering and I'm a lover of ginger. The popcorn was quite dry, I'd suggest more lashings of sauce to counteract this.

Popcorn sundae

D went for the fruity option and if you saw the menu you'd know immediately what he would chose for there on the menu was an ice cream version of Eton Mess.

Eton Mess Ice Cream

D's ice cream was much nicer than my own with bit of meringue and blueberries dotted over it. D lapped his up but still maintains that my meringue is the best he has every had. What a doll.

When we were arrived there was a trio of fathers with 3 corresponding daughters, another table with two children and adults, plus couples at other tables. Boss Burgers is pretty small and the acoustics aren't great, to the point where you can hear everyone's conversation no matter where they are in the room, the background noise was immense, D could barely hear me across the table. I was glad when it quietened down a bit towards 7.30-8pm. 

The bill (as you can see below) came to £37.95, which I don't think is bad for 2.5 courses each and 1.5 pints of beer. Will I return? Probably not, it doesn't quite make it in to the top three burger places for me.

Boss Burgers
38 Harrogate Road

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