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That's Amore - Meanwood, Leeds

In Napoli where love is king, when boy meets girl here's what they say...

When the moon hits your eye it's a like a big pizza pie, that's amore.

That's Amore is a new (ish) pizza and espresso bar on the divide of Chapel Allerton and Meanwood, I struggled to pinpoint it's exact geographic definition in terms of Leeds suburb so I am relying on local knowledge that it is in fact in Meanwood. It is most definitely not in Napoli.

That's Amore, or in complete English, that's love. Was it love? Well the boy didn't meet this girl in there, we travelled together in his car and he deliberated where to park it. Parked it. Then left whilst we waited for our pizza's to drive around the block and park it in the same place again. Not quite how the lyrics of Dean Martin's song goes but I guess he lived in a world which was much more romantic than modern Leeds and didn't have a car crazed lover.

Did the moon hit my eye like a big a pizza pie?

Seriously what the hell does that even mean? If the moon hit my eye I'm pretty certain I'd be dead or I'd be somewhere in space and my head would be combusting in to tiny little fragments because my space helmet has been smashed in by the moon coming at me.

Pizza pie? Now that sounds like my kind of pie. Would it be a pie but instead of made with pastry it's made with dough and the filling inside? Or is that just a calzone? Perhaps it's a pastry pie but with the toppings of a pizza inside? That's Amore don't do pizza pies so I guess I'll move on from the strategic analysis of Dean Martin's song lyrics and get on with writing this review...

I presume that That's Amore is Napoli inspired pizza's, hence the name. An Italian espresso bar too? Well that peaked my interest and one Friday night I managed to persuade D to drive me there to avoid the £1.50 delivery charge and so I could get some snaps of the inside too, of course.

It was nicely decorated inside with a couple of rather civilised teenagers enjoying a pizza each in the window, not really saying much to each other. Awkward first date perhaps?

I perused the menu and took a quick glance at the desserts to the left of the counter. I grabbed a Sanpellegrino from the fridge and D followed suit. We ordered a couple of pizzas and I asked for a latte too.

The guy behind the counter asked if I wanted my coffee to take out or drink it in there whilst my pizza was being cooked, he advised it would take 5 minutes to cook. I replied I was happy to sit in and drink my coffee whilst we waited. I took a seat in the window opposite the teenagers and waited for my coffee whilst D drove the car around the block. My coffee was served and I took a sip. OUCH. JEEEEEEZ this coffee was hot. I tried to keep sipping suddenly becoming very aware that I had less than 5 minutes to drink it whilst my pizza cooked. I literally burnt the roof of my mouth off. I'm not joking the next day the roof of my mouth felt rough to touch and still a bit sore and then a layer of my actual skin peeled off. Yes you read that exactly right. That coffee burnt my mouth off.

It was not an enjoyable experience and far from the standards of the best coffee houses in Leeds. I've taken expert coffee opinion on this matter and they were in agreement that this was not a good cup of coffee, no one should be burning their mouth on coffee. Have you ever burnt your mouth in Laynes? No, neither have I, because that's just not the way it should be served.

The pizza we ordered was made behind the counter, not hidden away, and placed in to a pizza oven, again open to see from inside the shop. We both ordered a Diablo each (£6.95 per pizza) which was handed to me across the counter by a man (who I would like to presume is Italian) who came up very close to my face and tried to hypnotise me with his eyes, I'd like to think he could spot that distant Italian heritage in my eyes. That or he saw me taking pictures in the window and presumed I would be publishing them on some sort of social media and wanted to lure me in to a trap of weak kneed girlishness and rave about how great they are. Not going to happen Mr, you burnt the roof of my mouth off.

The pizzas were exactly the right portion size for one person, but we took it one step further with a portion of chips, it was fat Friday after all.

The pizza I am glad to report was much better than the coffee.The Diablo consists of mild spiced salami, fresh chilli and red onions. The red onions were new to me, I don't believe I have ever had them on a Diablo before and I think I'd still prefer one without but it wasn't a deal breaker.

This was a stone baked pizza and not your average takeaway pizza that is fed in to one end of a rotating oven shelf and shipped out the other side. The cheese was actual cheese and not this fake lookalike cheese that makes you fart. It was a definite mark up from the tandoori kebab fried chicken (plus anything else they think you'll like at 2am) pizza place.

I recommend you try out the pizza, they have a range of antipastos and pastas available too, let me know how you get on if you do give them a whirl. Their coffee is not for me, but I guess each to their own as Starbuckers like to order their coffee extra hot. I learnt from my recent coffee training however that I should never order coffee like this as it changes the optimum temperature for the espresso and therefore distorts the taste and ruins the milk, some coffee houses simply refuse to serve their coffee extra hot when asked purely for this reason.

But yeah, the pizza was good.

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Seren said...

Unfortunately for my waistline, this opened up just two minutes away from my front door! We've had pizza from there quite a few times and the quality has always been good - even on a busy Saturday night. It's not quite up there with Burley's Box Pizza (RIP) which was my favourite pizza takeaway EVER but it's pretty close: we've not had a duff one yet and they're more than happy to tweak toppings to suit.