Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Rusty Shears - Whitby

I first heard about Rusty Shears a few months ago from another blog (I can't remember which!). I can find no website of theirs and their Twitter account is barely used, leaving them to be a bit of a mystery really. 

After a long drive to Whitby we needed food, the obvious choice would have been fish and chips but not wanting to feel lethargic for the rest of the day we decided to save them for later in the evening. A thought suddenly struck me as we got to our B&B room that there was a place somewhere in Whitby that I was keen to try, only I couldn't remember the name. I frantically searched through my Twitter followings I found them. A quick look of their location on Google maps and we were on our way. 

Rusty Shears is away from the main strip, and even away from the street that lies just off the main strip, on a street called 'Silver Street', a street that the sat nav had tried to take us down only minutes before whilst it directed us to a back ally rather than our hotel. A street with not a lot going on. I was intrigued. I was further intrigued when I could hear a blues music drifting down the street. As we followed the signs for Rusty Shears and walked in to a courtyard I was delighted to find the band. 

Young band adding to the atmosphere
We grabbed a table that was slightly sheltered by a fig tree and D headed inside to grab some menus. He returned with menus that only detailed the different tea options... All the food was handwritten on boards inside. 

Table decor 

Up I got and trotted inside, standing awkwardly looking at the ground level menu. The waitresses were eagerly looking at me from the counter to the side, I felt pressure and couldn't quite absorb all that was on the menu, a range of sandwich and lunches is all that I can recall. In the end I decided to order the spicy sausage plait with a ginger beer. Prices aren't as cheap as some of the places nearby, my plait came in at £6.95 and with a drink this was nearing £10 for lunch with pennies for change. It seemed a little steep for what was essentially a glammed up sausage roll, a similar price was attached to the pork pies. 

Ginger beer 
D went inside to place his order once I had returned to the table, he also ordered a spicy sausage plait and accompanied this with a lemonade. 

I prayed that the plait was served with something other than itself on a plate. Thankfully it was accompanied by coleslaw and salad, making me feel marginally better about the price. 

Spicy Sausage Plait 
The plait came warmed through, but still crispy on the top which suggested to me that it wasn't microwaved. There was just a right amount of spice for lunch, with a freshly baked feel. The salad accompanying it was fresh and crunchy. It filled a hole that needed filling but didn't leave us in a state where we needed a lie down before setting off on our Whitby adventure. 

Close up of the posh sausage roll 
The musicians were a delight and the quaintness of the courtyard with its glorious blooming plants and interesting details added a certain magic to the courtyard. Admittedly it felt less magic once the musicians departed and went on their way to busk on the main strip. 

I briefly saw the inside whilst placing my order and nipping to the loo, the theme remained quirky within, with a range of taxidermy animals and country house attire. 

Tea Cup Grave Yard - I want one of these in my garden! 

Rusty Shears is dog friendly, there were some cute canine customers on the day we visited, they even serve a doggiechino... What this consists of I'm unsure but it sounds interesting! 

Meals are paid for at the till but drinks and food are brought out to your table. I understand from their menu that afternoon tea is only available by a pre-booking request, had I remembered about them prior to our trip and if they had a website where I could have found out about this I could have pre-planned and made our trip extra special... IF I was that organised... 

Following lunch we explored Whitby, a place I have visited time and time again but still love visiting it all the same. Pictures of Whitby are available to view here. 

Here's me pretending to be a fashion/beauty blogger but sticking to my food blogger roots by wearing a pineapple dress. 

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