Tuesday, 7 July 2015

La Petite - Roundhay, Leeds

One rather pleasant afternoon I decided to head out of my front door in search of coffee and pew outside. The most obvious choice for coffee in Roundhay is Starbucks, however this wasn't suitable on two accounts. 

a) there is no where to sit outside

b) I don't like their coffee 

Strolling down Street Lane I noticed that La Petite had a few seats and tables outside, I'd heard second hand from another that they do good coffee so I sauntered over. I stepped inside and pondered over the menu on the wall, I was soon approached and asked if I would like to take a seat, replying yes they advised they would bring a menu over to me. 

I sat outside on one of the available tables, noticing awkwardly as I sat that it was on a slight ramp. I prayed that I didn't tip over and make a tit of myself. Looking over the menu I mulled over whether to have lunch or just a slice of cake. The lunch items were not nearly grabbing my attention enough for the prices they displayed so I opted for a slice of cake instead. 

My coffee and latte were brought over to me in adequate time and it was at this point the waiter suggested I move from the awkwardly slanty table which also felt a bit like I was sat in the middle of a car park, to a bench and table beside the side window of the shop. I gladly agreed and hopped over. 

The view was a little better and I felt less like a sore thumb huddled close to the window.

The coffee was exceptionally hot and I had to wait a good few minutes before I could drink it properly. I can't see the reason behind the recommendation as the coffee wasn't great. It was strong and bitter but lacked complexity. The latte wasn't smooth but bubbly on top, scolded or over mixed milk perhaps? 

The cake wasn't much better, it came with squirty cream and chocolate sauce that wasn't scrapable from the plate. The cake was dry and I suspect a few days old. 

The service was top notch however, they were very attentive and the waiter insisted on calling me 'lady' every two seconds, which I guess was kind of nice. 

However... I'm probably not going to return to try their lunches. 

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