Sunday, 26 July 2015

Dotty's Vintage Tea Room - Staithes, North Yorkshire

Staithes is a small fishing village approximately a 22 minute drive from Whitby, according to Google maps, and if you don't get stuck behind a tractor on the way.

An early check out from our B&B meant that we arrived at Staithes fairly early (for us) at around 10.30am. We wandered down through the village and awed at the cute streets, Captain Cooks house and walked along the shore and harbour taking it all in. After a rather steep incline climb to take the picture above it was time to see what the cafes and eateries of Staithes had to offer.

We'd eaten fish and chips the previous night at The Magpie, and we were going back home to Leeds to celebrate a birthday in Meat Liquor, therefore we needed something small to tie us over until the evening.

Whilst walking down to the coast through the narrow streets of the town I had spotted a tearoom with accompanying vintage shop. Perfect.

To reach the tearoom you have to walk through the shop, it's not a large place and when we arrived at just after 12pm there wasn't much in the way of table choice. We ended up at a table for two sort of half in the tearoom and half in the shop. This wasn't so much of a bother as it meant I could browse their wears whilst supping my tea.

The entire menu is on a small blackboard in the tearoom, the choice was limited to scones, cakes and toasted teacakes. There were a range of scones such as fruit, cherry and cheese available with jam or jam and cream.

We ordered a tea for two with two fruit scones served with jam and cream.

Tea is served with a heart shaped shortbread biscuit in mismatching cups and teapots, all very on trend for tearooms.

We chose for our scones to be served warm and they tasted fresh and doughy inside whilst rough on the outside, perfect for a scone.

I was slightly disappointed by the cream, it wasn't clotted and tasted more like squirty can cream than fresh cream.

The tea was plentiful however and there was much to admire around us. The tearoom advertised free wifi outside... but a wifi code was not obvious. Probably for the best as D and I spend too much time on our phones anyway.

The tearoom was slightly darker than the shop and had large lamp shades providing the dim light, the sort you'd see on your granny's floor lamp.

We didn't buy anything from the tearoom, but we did have a good nosey. There were lots of things that peaked my interest but being a bit of a bargain hunter I feel I could probably find most things in junk shops if I look hard enough, perhaps needing a bit of restoration but that always adds to the value for me.

I'd definitely recommend a visit to Staithes. Alongside Dotty's they also have a restaurant and a couple fish and chips places too. There are no arcades in Staithes like it's coastal neighbours but they have a small beach and plenty of shoreline to catch some crabs. We found it hard to secure accommodation in Staithes, hence why we stayed in Whitby, as most holiday rentals are cottages requiring longer stays. I hope to visit again someday and perhaps stay the week and fully enjoy all Staithes has to offer.

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