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Craft and Dough - Sheffield

I can see you looking at the picture above and thinking "What the hell is on that pizza? Wait. Are those crisps? No wait. Are those... FRAZZLES? "

If this is what you are thinking you are 100% correct. Gold star to you.

This pizza is called the 'Piggy Smalls' and is currently available in Craft and Dough in Sheffield's student quarter.

Craft and Dough are an artisan pizzeria and craft beer house, hence the name. So popular their reputation has even drifted as far as West Yorkshire to my little ears (or eyes as I've noticed their popularity from instagram and twitter).

A special trip to Sheffield to see friends and check it out were in order.

There's a no booking rule, even for a table of 6, I'm not sure the justification of this? I've seen smaller places take bookings so it can't be that it's a relatively small place? Maybe it's just not what the 'kids' do. After a short time (15-20 minutes) at a rather wet (I don't think they've heard of beer mats) bar we were granted a table.

Orders were taken from one end of our lengthy table. In a particularly full bar/restaurant walking to the other side of the table would have made more sense. Maybe then they would have got our order right. Top tip for the future if you're the waitress that served us on this night.

D and I ordered some olives, which didn't turn up until our mains arrived. Which didn't really give us much time to eat them as we were too distracted by the pizzas. No love was lost however as they were the of the jarred variety, soggy and lacking in taste. Marinated? In what? Air?

Soggy olives 

Pizzas were dished out with a range of Piggy Smalls, Chicken Tandooris, and Ndjuas. The waitress then looked panicked as she stood beside me and realised I didn't have a pizza. (Of all the people not to get their pizza... who am I kidding, I'd still make you aware of their incompetence if it wasn't me they missed, but perhaps I'd be less pissy about it). She looked at the kitchen door as if she was trying to use her telekinetic powers to summon another waitress with a pizza for me. Nope no pizza. Back to telekinetic school for you. She asked me what I had ordered, I replied the Ndjua. She disappeared and returned explaining it was at that very moment being put in to the oven. Brilliant. I had to watch all my friends tuck in to their pizzas whilst I had soggy olives.

G, who sat opposite me, ordered the Chicken Tandoori pizza. It was topped with tandoori chicken breast, chili, a shit ton of coriander, relish ( the green stuff perhaps?) and Bombay mix (I fail to see this on the picture below?). It certainly looked good and there were mouthfuls of nodding coming at me from across the table.

Chicken Tandoori Pizza

Luckily D and I had decided to share pizzas so I was able to took in to his whilst I waited for mine. The Njuda (my choice) is topped with spicy Calabrian sausage (in mince form), tomato, mozzarella, basil and parmesan.

When it was finally placed before me I could tell that it really had just come out of the oven as the heated bellowed in to my face. It was also fairly hot in the spice variety, if I hadn't of badly chosen a summer outfit that night (it was sunny in Leeds raining in Sheffield) I would have been sweating buckets as it wasn't cool inside the restaurant either. I really needed the ice cold beer to cool me down. My choice made earlier at the bar was a Wharfedale Yorkshire IPA, a beer I'd definitely chose to have again.


The pizza I shared with D was the piggy smalls, I couldn't resist choosing the most obscure pizza on the menu even if I didn't particularly want it, thankfully D did. Surprisingly the frazzles went really well on the pizza, giving it extra bite and texture. The pulled pork was rather dry and felt second cooked, but I guess it would be hard to do it any other way without creating a big sloppy mess that slightly resembled a pizza.

Piggy Smalls 

It's fair to say I was pretty stuffed after attempting to eat a whole pizza plus beer so there was no dessert for me. I did decide that I could probably fit another beer in, if I tried really hard, okay not that hard. I ordered a Arbor Ales Why Kick a Moo Cow - because it sounded awesome and it was a New Zealand pale ale and I've never had a kiwi beer as far as I can recall. 

The waitress returned shortly afterwards to inform me they were out of moo cow. She recommended some others and I went with a Japanese pale ale. Feeling under pressure I agreed. 

The waitress returned a minute or so later shaking a Brooklyn larger in my face explaining they had also run out of the Japanese ale... Not wanting this can of exploding beer she was shaking in my face I opted for a pint of Mosaic that was on draught and that D was gladly supping. 

The guys were the only ones to order desserts with two sticky toffee puddings and D nose diving for the ice cream. The menu describes it as a "99" special ice cream which is served in a cone with a flake for £2.50 in a range of different flavours. D was sadly told that only vanilla and banana ice cream remained... then later after the sticky toffee puddings were dished out that there was no vanilla left... or flakes.... OR as it would appear cones. D had a cup of banana ice cream. Fancie. 

ice cream cup 

It wasn't to my taste, I'm not a massive fan of banana flavoured things and the cup of ice cream defeated D, everyone else on the table was too stuffed to lend him a hand too.

The bill came to just under £81 for our table of 6, amazingly cheap. The waitress struggled to understand the concept that we were splitting the bill in to three, i.e. three couples and started charging £10 to cards and then looked puzzled when we the bill didn't add up and we were offering her no more cards to pay with. SIGH. Further minutes of explanation ensued and she finally got it and we left.

Bad night? Or am I just a grumpy old woman who was narked she had to wait for her pizza?

Good pizza although someone needs to work on their pizza shaping... and those waitresses.

The pizza menu changes all the time, don't expect to get a frazzle pizza when you go.
There is more craft beer than food.
It's a mile away from the train station.
Student types are likely to be found here.

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