Thursday, 2 July 2015

A Brazilian Feast

Whenever I go to friends' houses for dinner they always joke and laugh "Are you going to review me, is it going to appear on your blog". I'm sure fellow food bloggers can sympathise. I always say "no of course not" and just sit back and enjoy the meal. It's kind of refreshing not to have to think about the best angle to take a photo or think of what you might write about it later.

HOWEVER, I have made an exception to the rule to showcase to you the Brazilian feast I experienced at a dear friends house last weekend.

I've known my pal R for 17 years now, she sat behind me in registration at school, we shared our first boyfriend at the same time (without realising), we've gotten drunk together in church youth club toilets (we're going to hell no doubt), we went to our first club together at the tender age of 16, we partied at each others halls of residence during uni, we've spent countless new years eves together and now we're trying to be a little more 'adult' and are now having dinner parties together.

15 years old! (R hates this picture, sorry R!) 

R met J a couple of years ago, he's an expat Brazilian and former chef. I've been picking his brains over Brazilian cuisine and pondered attempting some myself during the last world cup. However, the best way to try it for the firs time was always going to be by his fair hands.

J and R 

In anticipation of our Brazilian feast I searched the shelves of Waitrose to find Brazilian wine, I found one bottle sandwiched between Chile and Argentina. I was apprehensive, does Brazil make good wine? I took a bottle of Aldi special Bellini with me too just in case.

The first dish we were presented with were cheese balls, a snack or entree of sorts. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the cheese balls... you'll have to take my word for it that they were delicious! Little balls of dough cuddling cheese, filling but moreish.

The main meal was a mix of different dishes that we all gladly dipped in to. It felt fresh, it felt summery. I could see why it would be eaten in Brazil.

I won't go through every dish as a lot of the dishes speak for themselves... feast your eyes on this!

Home made salsa 

potato salad 

Chicken kebabs 

Dry bits with bacon 
I can't recall what the above dish was called, I think, if my memory serves me correctly, it's made with a type of Brazilian flour and tossed in dry hot pan with bacon.

Feijao Preto

Soft chorizo in a bean stew served warm.


A wonderful mix of colours 
Served in mouthful size, with a range of toppings, they were sweet and sticky. I loved them. We took a goody box of them home.

Pave Farofa 
A rich dessert, on this occasion made with lady fingers as a substitute to Brazilian counterpart, layered with sweet chocolate sauce.

Another Brazilian sweet which is eaten with cheese. It looked like jelly but was a much thicker consistency, it was like a hard jam and jelly love child. It definitely tasted better with the cheese as it balanced out some of the sweetness.

The meal went down a treat, it was great to try some authentic Brazilian food too. They made such a special effort for us, travelling to the other side of the Pennines in search of ingredients, I am most humbled.

You'll be glad to know the Brazilian wine went down a treat too, it was a lighter bodied wine that complemented the food well, especially the chocolate dishes.

Apologies to J in advance if I have made mistakes with any of the names of the dishes! Also.. you're a star, you should probably do this for a living ;)

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