Thursday, 4 June 2015

Peck 47 - Brussels

For an introduction to Brussels see my post here. 

I happened upon Peck 47 not by strolling the streets of Brussels on our first day, but by scrolling the pictures of Brussels on instagram whilst lying in bed on our first morning.

The pictures of coffee looked good, they served brunch, the people in the pictures seemed to love it, it appeared to be perfect for our first morning in Brussels... we just needed to find it first. Having not yet discovered I could use the google maps app to navigate my way around the city without using mobile data I had 'screen-shot' the map that morning and knew it was somewhere near a Pizza Hut... We walked in a big circle before we found it.

When we eventually found it thankfully we weren't disappointed.

Peck 47 is a fairly modern place and it reminded me of home, filament lights, mix matched furniture, with the odd antique looking cabinet thrown in there. Comical wall decorations. Very on trend.. who knew the Belgian's were so fashionable?

I soon began to learn that there are some very cool Europeans in this city, I am of course envious.

The drinks selection was flooded with tea, a few smoothies and a small selection of coffee. I'd already put to bed the idea of me finding a flat white in Brussels and opted for a Latte instead.

The latte was damn good, D even had a sip and exclaimed 'why have I been wasting all my time on tea all this time!'. A pretty outstanding statement from a non-coffee drinker.

D opted for a tea, which came pegged to the cup. Cute. I wonder how many pegs are stolen.

I also noticed in the fridge that you could enjoy a bottle of Belgian beer with your brunch, should you so feel inclined.

Brunch is served all day, alongside Ciabattas, toasties and soup.

Eggs Benedict was on the cards for me, served with streaky smoked bacon, English muffins, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Served with a side of salad with a heavy handed amount of balsamic vinegar.

It was a very rich dish and I had to take my time eating it to ensure that it didn't overwhelm me This didn't detract away from it being a great breakfast, it's just my personal taste.

D opted for the more Belgian version that replaced English muffins with a homemade chorizo and goats cheese waffle. The Peck special.

I had a bite and it was pretty good, also rich and served with a side of salad. D made a better effort of clearing his greens than I did and had no issue with eating something so rich for breakfast as I did, he cleared his plate in half the time I did.

The previous or original owners of what is now Peck 47?

Peck 47 seemed to contain a number of regulars and less tourists than other places. The characters within were as interesting as the decor, so much to see and wonder about. There's free wifi for all those that are looking to cut back on the data charges too.

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