Monday, 15 June 2015

My Little Cup - Brussels

On our last morning in Brussels I was determined to find good coffee and breakfast. So I did the simple most obvious thing and googled 'the best coffee in Brussels' and it just so happened to be a 10 minute walk away from where we were staying. I saved the map so I could use it offline and off we went. I don't know why I didn't think of doing this before. 

We walked out of the shanty town where we were staying in to what appeared to be a more affluent area of Brussels, later discovering that this was because it was close to the parliament and the Royal's buildings.

The neighbours around the corner

The street where My Little Cup is situated is quiet and houses restaurants bakeries and a butchers. If you were dropped on to this street you would be forgiven for thinking it was Paris.

My little cup has a fresh and clean feel, it's relaxed not pretentious. There were regulars in there that clearly go almost, if not, every day. There was one customer who appeared to know the owner (I presume) quite well as he explained (in French) that he had no money on him but would be back shortly to settle his bill. He rolled up 10 minutes later in a Mercedes popped in and sorted it. 

The popular window seats 

When we arrived there was a man washing the outer windows, I know this might not sound like a point of interest but he really interested me. The window washer man was wearing a high vis jacket, again probably not something out of the ordinary... but he was also wearing a shirt and jeans with leather shoes. He was taking extraordinary care cleaning the windows and I watched him cross the street and do the delicatessens windows inside and out, carefully replacing and reorganising the display that he had only ever so slightly disturbed. When he had finished he came back in to the coffee shop removed his high vis jacket and neatened himself up, put on a smart waistcoat nodded and said his goodbyes to the owner and walked off down the street with a leather briefcase. A world apart from the window cleaners I've seen washing the likes of Leeds city centre's shop windows. 

Spot the window washer 

Anyway... enough about window washers. 

We ordered a pastry each, a pain au chocolat for me and a croissant for D. They were freshly baked and we could definitely tell the difference from the pastries we had tried the day before

There was a flat white on the menu, the first I had seen since I arrived in Brussels, but having now found myself with a taste for lattes after my latte at Peck 47 a couple of days earlier, that's what I opted for. 

It was nice to see some resemblance of latte art after being deprived for a couple of days... The latte was the best I had tried in Brussels, although I couldn't possibly say it was the best in all of Brussels as I simply didn't have the time to try all the coffee in Brussels... if anyone wants to sponsor a trip for me to test the assumption I'd happily take out some time from work to do so. 

Pastries and Latte 

D decided against a coffee despite his statement a couple of days earlier that he hadn't realised what he had been missing by not drinking coffee, instead he got a 'Be Cool' tea. Pretty fancy tea. 

Be Cool 

I ordered our breakfast in my crap French and he replied in French, when he saw the nonplussed look on my face and my rapid hand movements as I couldn't think of how to say in French we wanted to sit in not take out he spoke in English and he appeared to have an American accent? Or perhaps he just spoke American English. His till consisted of an iPad which also supplied the music. 

Breakfast came to a little under 10 Euros, not bad for the best coffee in town. As we were paying up to leave I noticed that he was doing some fabulous latte art on the counter, they weren't like anything I have ever seen in real life. I was so astounded I asked if I could take a picture, he said no and whisked them away. I was slightly taken aback and he explained that he was taking part in the national latte art championships in a few weeks time so they were top secret. Who knew there are national latte art competitions! Anyway that was me told and sulked away with only the memories... and some banana bread in my bag. No I didn't steal it, we bought it to snack on later. Such a good idea I'm glad we did it was the best banana bread/cake I've ever eaten (mine one attempt was crap). 

If you only have coffee in one place in Brussels, make My Little Cup the place you do.