Sunday, 28 June 2015

Filmore and Union - Leeds, Moortown

Filmore and Union are a Yorkshire based business with shops in York, Harrogate, Wetherby, Skipton, the Victoria Quarter and Moortown.

Filmore and Union aim to bring more healthy options restaurant and takeout options that aren't always readily available, in recent time the dine out market has been flooded with burgers, pulled pork and oversized portions, so to have something different is more than a bit refreshing. F&U use local suppliers to ensure that the ingredients they use are wholesome and good for you, on top of this they're dog friendly too.

I visited Filmore and Union in Moortown on a Sunday afternoon when D and myself didn't have anything in particular to do. We were hungry (clearly) and the walk around Sainbury's wasn't inspiring. A quick google of somewhere to find a sandwich in our local vicinity and I was reminded of F&U, somewhere that had previously been recommended to me by a Moortownite.

The clientele on this particular Sunday afternoon was rather niche, I'm not sure if this is due cause of the area, the time of day/week, or the shop itself... I'll let you be the judge. We sat upstairs alongside a family of four, who were discussing their 18 year old (estimation not fact) daughters first car, an Audi A3. Behind this family were a couple who were rather well dressed for a Sunday, she in designer boots and he in chinos and a shirt, they mused over their upcoming holiday in the Seychelles.

In need of caffeine I ordered a flat white. Not very instagramable but a fairly decent cup of Joe.

Flat White hold the latte art 

D ordered a tea which came with the label of 'luxurious', I'm not sure what the luxury was at it looked like regular breakfast tea to me. D's cup looked a little dirty inside and when he returned it to the counter he was given another and we realised it wasn't dirty but instead scratched, most likely from the dishwasher.

The menus are different for each store, I couldn't help but think that it was rather pricey for a sandwich shop, and I couldn't bare to look at the price of the smoothies. I know, I'm a cheap arse.

D chose a reasonably priced option in the smoked bacon bagel at £2.50. It's not your regular bacon sandwich, crisp not too fatty bacon with salad enclosed, a seeded top bagel and extra salad on the top. It's fair to say it's the healthiest bacon butty I have ever set my eyes on.

Healthy Bacon Butty 

On this particular day a bacon bagel just wasn't going to cut it for me. I mused over the other bagels, which weren't as cheap and finally ordered a Hot Jacks at £3.95. The Hot Jacks consists of Paprika roasted chicken breast with red peppers, guacamole and salad leaves. When placed next to D's which was almost £1.50 cheaper it looked pretty comparable.

Hot Jacks Bagel 

It filled a hole and I didn't feel gross afterwards, my rather fussy mood on this day wasn't overly satisfied but it would have been hard to have achieved this. It was just one of those days.

F&U also do a range of energising smoothies, these were beyond my willing price range on this day, but if you're in to fitness and filling your body with goodness I'd definitely head their way. At £3.95 you can obtain such smoothies like 'super antioxidant', 'big green clean' and 'raw choco fix'. Should your budget be a little narrower you could instead treat yourself to a wellness shot (£1.75) which includes Hoodia and Acai Plus, all things I've never heard of so they're bound to be good for you, right?

There are a larger than average amount of gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian items on the menu, a good place to bookmark it you have friends or family who have any of the above dietary needs.

Filmore and Union are currently trying to expand their offering and rather than doing a kickstarter they are asking for your money and giving you something in return. Shares. If you fancy supporting a Yorkshire based business and potentially* making some money yourself in a few years sign up to their mailing list and find out more about it.

*I'm no financial adviser, I have no idea if or how long it will take you to make money from F&U shares.

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