Saturday, 13 June 2015

Coffee'licious - Brussels

Another day another morning of trying to find good coffee and breakfast. This time it happened to be Sunday, i.e. virtually no where outside of main tourist areas are open. We wandered around the streets trying to find somewhere that served breakfast and not pizza.

We found somewhere not too far away from Grand Place and when we walked in and saw the decor and extensive coffee list we thought we had struck lucky.

A menu behind the counter informed us that they had a breakfast deal of a pastry, coffee and juice for 7 euros. Perfect.

A rather pissed off looking man behind the counter offered us menus and told us that we should take a seat and then come down to the counter to order, he would then bring our order to us. Efficient. 

Apart from the fact it was now 12.10pm and we were told that breakfast was stopped at 12pm. Great. The rather inhospitable host clearly saw our faces and us about to turn and leave and said that he would bend the rules this time and as he had two pastries left. 

The two pastries we handed to me in a basket and I returned upstairs to our table. 

It also became clear that the extensive coffee list wasn't applicable to the 'coffee' part of the breakfast deal, we would get what we were given. 

A shot of black coffee that was so bitter I had to add at least two teaspoons of sugar to be able to drink it, I advised D to do the same. The orange juice was freshly pressed filling the cafe with a sweet aroma. 

The pastries weren't entirely fresh, they weren't stale but they were on their way. 

Whilst we were in there a gaggle of girls came in, American, who were also drawn in by the coffee list. They were young, slim, loud, giggly and flirty... the man behind the counter liked them a bit more than us. 

The coffee list 

Unfortunately we hadn't found another gem in Coffee'licious. 

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