Tuesday, 30 June 2015

El Bareto - Chapel Allerton, Leeds

El Bareto has been on my wish list for years and long before I moved to North Leeds. It came in to my consciousness due to a blog that is no longer available to view.

I briefly mentioned in one of my Brussels posts that local food blogs tend to focus too much on what is new and popular and old favourites are often forgotten. With that in mind I found myself sitting in El Bareto on a rather humid Friday night wondering if they could be one of those old favourites now sadly out of the limelight on the local food blogs.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Rum Shack - Pop Up Bar - Leeds

A short post to let my good readers know, if you haven't heard already, about the latest popup in Leeds city centre - Rum Shack.

For those of you who were at Leeds Indie Food Festival you may recognise them, or you may not if you drank too many of their rum cocktails!

Filmore and Union - Leeds, Moortown

Filmore and Union are a Yorkshire based business with shops in York, Harrogate, Wetherby, Skipton, the Victoria Quarter and Moortown.

Filmore and Union aim to bring more healthy options restaurant and takeout options that aren't always readily available, in recent time the dine out market has been flooded with burgers, pulled pork and oversized portions, so to have something different is more than a bit refreshing. F&U use local suppliers to ensure that the ingredients they use are wholesome and good for you, on top of this they're dog friendly too.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Primo's Revisited - Leeds

It's been a while since I last visited Primo's perhaps a year, maybe two. There are so many new places opening in Leeds at the moment it's easy to forget or put aside old favourites.

Primo's has undergone a refurbishment and a menu revamp fairly recently and it's quite different to the original Primo's I remember. Don't worry they still do great hotdogs.

They seem to have dropped the 'gourmet' from their name and instead are playing on 'authentic' these days. Hotdogs come in two forms 'classic' and 'super'. They now also serve burgers and sandwiches, to be honest they might have done so before but I've never ordered or been even remotely interested in anything other than their hotdogs.

The decor has been updated, there are filament bulbs, shabby chic furniture and a much less claustrophobic feel inside. It feels a little less coffee shop turned hotdoggery and more 'dude food' revolution.

Monday, 15 June 2015

My Little Cup - Brussels

On our last morning in Brussels I was determined to find good coffee and breakfast. So I did the simple most obvious thing and googled 'the best coffee in Brussels' and it just so happened to be a 10 minute walk away from where we were staying. I saved the map so I could use it offline and off we went. I don't know why I didn't think of doing this before. 

We walked out of the shanty town where we were staying in to what appeared to be a more affluent area of Brussels, later discovering that this was because it was close to the parliament and the Royal's buildings.

Kasbah - Brussels

As mentioned in previous posts on Sundays Brussels appears to shut down outside of the tourist areas. Finding a restaurant that was open on a Sunday was proving a difficult task, everywhere we researched, with the help of local blogs, was closed on a Sunday and in many cases on a Monday too.

D managed to find an article on the Internet which suggested Kasbah was one of the top places to go in Brussels. I tried a quick search to see if any of the locals had blogged about but found nothing. As options were running low and it had pretty lamps, Moroccan food seemed like the way to go.

We arrived on a rainy night, it had been raining all day too, so I was looking something to put a good end to the day. As we walked through the door we were presented with some thick heavy curtains which we pulled back to reveal the restaurant. The article wasn't wrong, they did have pretty lamps. The whole room was decorated with Moroccan lamps, more than I had expected, creating a great ambiance and romantic feel. Things were looking up for damp Sunday evening.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Coffee'licious - Brussels

Another day another morning of trying to find good coffee and breakfast. This time it happened to be Sunday, i.e. virtually no where outside of main tourist areas are open. We wandered around the streets trying to find somewhere that served breakfast and not pizza.

We found somewhere not too far away from Grand Place and when we walked in and saw the decor and extensive coffee list we thought we had struck lucky.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Aksum - Brussels

Desperate to relieve my legs after 10,000 steps of flea markets and junk shops I was in search of hot caffeine that wasn't Starbucks. Not an easy feat in a new city.

Thankfully after walking in and out of several pretentious looking cafes and patisseries we stumbled upon Aksum. Aksum is an Ethiopian Coffee House in the centre of Brussels, not too far away from Grand Place, bingo.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Jack O'Shea Chophouse - Brussels

For an introduction on Brussels see my post here.

Please note this establishment is now closed. 

Steak and chips are one of  Brussels national food combinations. I'd like to say I knew this before I went here but I clearly didn't do my research. I did my research when I was half cut on Belgian beer in a bar with free wifi and steak seemed like a perfect food for my beer belly, the fact that it was the national dish of Belgium didn't even enter my consciousness.

Jack O'Shea's is featured on a fair few of the local blogs, it's a popular place. It has reason to be. Jack is an actual person, a butcher in fact, he's made a name for himself following a long family tradition (1790 to be exact) selling meat to fine dining restaurants and even set up shop on Knightsbridge and then Selfridges. He's rubbed shoulders with Princes, our very own Charles, and famous chefs a like. Jack really has made quite a reputation for himself.

Peck 47 - Brussels

For an introduction to Brussels see my post here. 

I happened upon Peck 47 not by strolling the streets of Brussels on our first day, but by scrolling the pictures of Brussels on instagram whilst lying in bed on our first morning.

The pictures of coffee looked good, they served brunch, the people in the pictures seemed to love it, it appeared to be perfect for our first morning in Brussels... we just needed to find it first. Having not yet discovered I could use the google maps app to navigate my way around the city without using mobile data I had 'screen-shot' the map that morning and knew it was somewhere near a Pizza Hut... We walked in a big circle before we found it.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

An Introduction To Brussels

I recently took a mini-break to Brussels, one of those cheap Ryanair flights that you book on a spur of the moment Saturday, or in my case as a surprise birthday trip for the chap. I've visited Bruges previously and loved it, I expected Brussels to be a bigger more modern version... this wasn't quite accurate. 

Here's my introduction to Brussels hopefully it will provide an insight in to the city from my eye's view. I will refer back to this post in each restaurant review post, to avoid you having to read the same introduction over and over again with each new place I visited. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Crafthouse - The Elderflower Trail "From forage to fork"

The Elderflower Trail is a new and limited availability event which is hosted by Crafthouse. The event takes you on out of the restaurant to forage for elderflower, back in to the restaurant to witness live demonstrations, take home recipes and best of all gives you the experience of eating Elderflower inspired dishes. The team at Crafthouse invited me and a few others along to test drive the event.