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Tiled Hall Cafe - Leeds

Tiled Hall Cafe is located in the previous reading room of Leeds library and connects both the library and Leeds art gallery in a grand building on the Headrow. When the extension of the Municipal Buildings was added in 1888 the room was transformed from a reading room to the 'Sculpture Gallery' for the newly added art gallery. In 1955 the Commercial and Technical library was moved to the tiled hall for expansion reasons. The ceilings and walls were then hidden from sight by false ceilings, panelling and book shelves. There it remained hidden for 50 years until in 1998 when the room was stripped of the 1950s plaster and the tiled hall was uncovered and brought back from it's grave. Sadly with its reveal it was found that much of the original tiles were damaged from the work carried out in the 1950s. The room was left almost unused for 8 years as restoration would prove costly. 

Thankfully in 2007 the room was restored when a £1.5 million refurbishment took place and the beautiful tiles, marble columns, gold detailed ceilings were brought back to life again. You will now find here a contemporary cafe and great place to eat from breakfast through to late lunch. 

If you fancy reading a bit more about The Tiled Hall's history and seeing some pictures I found a great source here. 

It's definitely one of Leeds' hidden gems. 

On a sunny day the light streams through the great Victorian windows casting shadows upon the hustle and bustle of the people within. 

A wide range of drinks are served from juices, to pop, to tea and to coffee. There is definitely something for everyone. 

They even serve my favourite blood orange flavoured drink 

The Tiled Hall may be Victorian but it's on trend serving flat whites, alongside cappuccinos and mochas. They've even got the latte art down to a tee, perfect for all the instagrammers in Leeds. 

I popped in for lunch one sunny Saturday afternoon post-yoga. My zen in check I was looking forward to a lunch that would exacerbate my good mood. 

The Tiled Hall cafe serves a range of hot and cold lunch items, such as jacket potatoes, sandwiches, wraps, bagels, salads, soups and a bountiful array of cakes. 

On advice from one of the lovely Laura behind the counter I opted for the falafel wrap and paired this with a bulgur wheat salad. 

The wrap was served toasted and warm, Laura was right, this was the best choice. A mix of Moroccan flavours swept across my tongue, it had a good bite and the bulgur wheat salad went perfectly. 

The bulgur wheat salad felt healthy, just what I needed after a morning of yoga and it was dotted with sultanas, cherry tomatoes, leaves and chilli. It left a nice warming feeling, not just from the chilli. 

D opted for the chicken and lemon wrap paired with carrot and coriander soup. 

Another great wrap, not as good as mine, hard times D. The soup I'm going to be as bold to say was a good as my home made soup! I'm pretty good at soup, all those weeks of soup club and post Christmas soup diets I suspect. So most definitely a compliment. 

Feeling full from lunch I didn't, unfortunately, have room in my belly for cake, so instead took a picture of it on the stand for you all to enjoy instead. I will definitely be going back for another flat white and a cheeky slice of cake. That brownie is particularly inviting.

I can see this being a frequent haunt of mine where I will go back time and time again. It's easy to get lost in time and yourself staring at the beautiful tiles, the carefully laid floor, the marble columns. All whilst Homer et al stare down at you from above. 

Victorian Tiles 

Oh hey Homer! 
Oak, ebony and walnut floor 

I was invited to Tiled Hall Cafe to show you the true delights that lay here, don't let that deter you from visiting. It won't deter me from going again and again! 

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