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Leeds Indie Food Festival - A photo blog round up

A festival born to showcase the independents in Leeds. I'm not sure they expected it to be as big as it was, it's been a busy fortnight on the Leeds food scene.

Here are my highlights from the fortnight that was.

Gorse at Mrs Atha's

A night for curious gastronomes, all vegetarian food elegantly served. Brilliant people. See the full post here. 

The Launch Party 

Held at Lamberts Yard with Noisette's bakery dishing out some of their treats, a new kid on the block Zapato showcasing their (strong) ales and a gallery from Humans of Leeds. 

Belgrave Feast 

Kicking off the festival with their usual monthly treat, I popped down and got myself a special passport holders burger, which I'm still craving today. I also tried parmesan and truffle oil tossed fries and a mixed up rhubarb crumble from Tom Foolery. 

Le Creuset and Banh mi Booth 

Banh mi Booth gave us a little lesson on how to make some staple Vietnamese food, Le Creuset offered up their kitchen for the demonstration and kindly gave us gift bags with money off vouchers too. I'm counting down the days to pay day so I can use mine! 

Noonshine at Tall Boys Leeds

Food by Grub and Grog, Bread by Leeds Bread Co-op, coffee by North Star Roasters. They've decided to extend their residence for a couple more weeks. Not to be missed! 

Boozing and Bar Snacks Bangwok Style

A night of organised chaos! But a brilliant night nethertheless. When we arrived Sarah was panicking as the tables hadn't yet arrived, they had to go borrow some from a disused bar down the way. The tables eventually turned up flat packed at 10pm! A failed delivery of beer meant that only one Thai beer was available, but if anything that night you should have been drinking the cocktails. They were amazing.

A great event showcasing what else Thailand has to offer us by way of food. Great people behind Bangwok I'll be featuring them properly on the blog soon!

NB: There was also takeaway Thai curry... but I was fairly drunk by the end of the night and the picture is less than desirable...

School Diner at Chapel Allerton Primary School 

Leeds street food heroes took over the playground at Chapel Allerton primary school to serve food to locals on Friday night and Saturday all day. 

A photo posted by Claire (@littlepatts) on

A photo posted by Claire (@littlepatts) on

Cup and Saucer - Coffee and Cake deal 

Passport holders were treated to coffee and cake from Opposite's cafe in Chapel Allerton. I bathed in the sun whilst enjoying a flat while and chocolate and banana cake.

Bundobust - 25% off for passport holders 

Another treat for passport holders - 25% off food at Bundobust. A perfect excuse to visit one of my favourite bars in Leeds.


The closing party of Leeds Indie Food Festival was a two day event called Leeds Feast. We went during the Saturday and stayed until around 8.30pm. Leeds Feast was held in the grounds of The Tetley with demonstrations going on throughout the day inside. Outside was full of people enjoying street food, music, beer and cocktails, coconut toss, kids activities and the big wheel (free for under 18s and only a quid for the big kids).  Cue lots of pictures hitting Instagram of the big wheel. Here's my contribution:

What I ate:

Arepa Arepa Arepa 

Columbian and Andean street food, slow cooked fillings such as steak, plantain or beans served in a maize bread. The bread was a different consistency to what I'd expect bread to taste like, it wasn't floury or doughy, it had more moisture than I was expecting. It was a good way to kick off the day. 

Longhorn's BBQ 

These guys came down from Newcastle to celebrate with the people of Leeds, the wafting smell of BBQ meant that we couldn't resist giving them a try. Unfortunately by 5pm (or thereabouts) the ribs were sold out so we went for the Memphis Hot Butt instead. 

Patty Smiths

After a few (a lot) beers and bigging up Patty Smiths as the best burgers in Leeds to literally everyone we spoke to, it just had to be done. 

Beer goggles always make me order more food than necessary and on this occasion I was using the excuse that it would help soak up the beer and make me more sober... it didn't. 

A friend got this, and I have no idea where from but it looked great and I was incredibly jealous!

I really wanted some ice cream but it got a little chilly in the evening and thus I missed out. 

Did I mention that beer was involved?

Here are some more pictures for the from day. 

And finally the day wouldn't have been so great if it wasn't for these guys. 

Thanks for the great fortnight Leeds Indie Food Festival I look forward to seeing you next year!

But remember.... Don't rock the carriages on the big wheel!!!

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