Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Leeds Indie Food Festival - My Wish List

Leeds Indie Food Festival described by themselves as "A new collaborative independent festival of food and culture". It's running from 7 to 24th May with events across the city in a variety of locations.

I've compiled my very own wish list below.  It sort of feels like writing a  Christmas list, writing everything you would like and can dream of but knowing your parents aren't millionaires (or at least in my case) so you're not going to get everything but some of it would be a treat and gratefully received. 

At the time of writing some events have already sold out, I have not included these in the below list. The events are selling out quickly, at the time of reading these events may already be full! 

Without further a do.....  

I've already been to the preview night but if I could go again I most definitely would - see what's on offer here 

As much as I love locally produced craft beer I wouldn't mind sampling some Italian versions and there will be Italian food to accompany. Sounds idyllic. 

A paring of ales with three courses and tips from the brewers. The Hungry Bear is near the top of my 'to visit' list and this would be a great opportunity to try it out. 

A combination of Grub and Grog, Noisette Bake House and North Star Coffee Roasters you can treat yourself to something a little different by popping in for lunch and treating yourself. 

I love a deli market and Friends of Ham are promising a treat as they are inviting some of their friends and suppliers to showcase their wares. 

For one night only you can go back in time with the team at Whitelock's who will be dressing and serving food just like in their Victorian heydays. 

A taste of history as you make your way through IPA's progression through the years with 5 matched Bundobust dishes to enjoy too. 

Bang Wok have gone and secured their first permanent joint and will be serving six spicy dishes from their street food inspired menu. Drinks aren't included in the price. 

Comfort food from Ukraine, Georgia and further afield such as borscht and poussin tabaka will make it an interesting night. Furthermore all profits will go to Charities who help children who have been displaced in the current war in Ukraine. 

An edible art exhibition what more do you need to know! 

Northern Bloc will be there to dish up the ice cream which will be paired with local beer, sounds a bit odd but I'm happy to give it a go! 

Rum and tasting in the same sentence has already got me on their hook. A history of rum spread across 8 rums - be prepared for a midweek hangover 

Admittedly I've already bought my ticket for Leeds Feast as it is predicted to be one of the best gatherings of local independents and street food vendors the North has ever seen, even those folk across the Pennines have been talking about it. 

Passports are available to buy for the festival which treats holders to specials not available to others, discounts and some passport holder only events. Passports cost £15

What are you planning to go to? 

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