Thursday, 9 April 2015

Forzza (Everyman Cinema Pizzeria) - Leeds, Trinity

The pizzeria at Everyman Cinema is a prelude to a main attraction, but it is often skipped and unnoticed. I however I seem to have done things a little backwards, which admittedly is not uncommon for me, I have been to the pizzeria twice now and have never visited the main attraction - the cinema. Although I hear glorifying reports from others on the unique experience.

The pizzeria is not commonly known by its name, Forzza, in fact I didn't even know it's name until I googled it just a moment ago, instead it is more often referred to 'as the pizza place at Everyman'. I bet you didn't even know that on Mondays with each ticket purchased for the cinema upstairs you can get a free pizza before 9pm if you dine in Forzza. (Check their website for more details, I believe you have to book to receive this offer).

Free pizzas aside it's not especially expensive with the highest price for a pizza at £10 and the highest price for a burger £11 (served with chips). It's affordable even if the cinema seats are stretching your budget. 

On this occasion we visited on a Thursday evening, post work and ready for the Easter break. There were only two other tables occupied; memories from my visit on a Saturday night the place wasn't brimming then either. The nice quiet relaxed atmosphere was welcomed after a busy and frantic week at work. 

Unfortunately the waitress who served us this night had some sort of 'waitress-syndrome' with an appalling attitude and poor attention to customers. I pity the recruiters of waitresses as many appear to have this endearing sense of being too good for the job they are in, leaving them unenthusiastic and quite frankly crap at their job. Smiles and drinks were forgotten on this night, pretty unbelievable to say they were so quiet. 

Nevertheless the barman was nice. He obviously likes his job. The chef must like his job also as the pizza, as last time, was superb. A slight edge to the pizza was forgiven due to the satisfying taste.

D and I shared a pizza with a portion of fries and this was enough, we have previously managed a whole pizza each but we're trying to be less greedy. Age is catching up with us and our bellies. 

The fries, or rather hand cut chips, weren't great and it felt as though we had gotten the bottom dregs of the frying basket.

In total the meal came to £17.20 (minus tip). It's not the best pizza place in Leeds (votes for this in the comments below - I have my favourite but always intrigued to discover more) but it's worth a visit, even if it's for free pizza with your film on a Monday. 

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