Saturday, 21 March 2015

Grub & Grog - Brunch - Leeds

Please note Grub and Grog are no longer located at Northern Monk Brewhouse, you can now find them in Sheaf Street Cafeteria 

Last weekend I went in search of an non-traditional breakfast, and by traditional I mean your full English fry-up, or your regular bacon sandwich. This mission led me to wander around a virtually deserted Holbeck Urban village, admiring old mills and buildings until I found - Grub and Grog.

Grub and Grog have made their home in Northern Monk Refectory, a brewery in the site of a disused mill in one of Leeds' most industrious areas. The building is a beaut, strong and asserting. 

I've heard good things about Grub and Grog, from bloggers and locals alike. They've also made an appearance in the press recently. Namely The Guardian, or its weekly companion The Observer. This worried me. Would their new found fame mean they were full to the rafters, would I be later told  that they were much better when they first started out. Neither was so. 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Five Guys - Kirskstall, Leeds

I'd never heard of Five Guys until they landed in Leeds a few months ago. In my ever continuing quest to explore new eateries in Leeds and find out what they're all about I've read up on them and found a consistent trend of them being referred to as a 'Cult Burger Chain', from America no least. I read an article which compares their arrival in the UK to that of McDonald's in the 70s, I wasn't around when that happened but apparently we went mental for it. It certainly seems we are going mental for Five Guys when I read reports of people queueing for TWO HOURS at the new opening in London. Come on people get a life, it's only a burger. Clearly the good people of Leeds are going mental for them too when on a Wednesday evening at 7pm they run out of bacon, but more on that later.

The guys behind Five Guys who have been enjoying their successes in the USA and Canada have been paying attention to this little island across the sea. We're having a burger revolution, or revult-ation dependent on where you dine/your preferences in food lie, nevertheless burgers are everywhere whether you like it or not and Five Guys have chosen the opportune moment to jump on that. Clever.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Gousto Recipe Kit Box

Sponsored post 

I was kindly asked by Gousto to try out one of their recipe boxes and post my efforts on my blog. 

Gousto deliver weekly boxes to your door with (*almost) everything you need to cook three healthy meals for two or four people. There are 10 recipes to choose from each week and you choose the three recipes that take your fancy, these are then brought to your door pre-weighed and measured ready for you to cook.  The ingredients are fresh from British farms, the veg is organic and they promise to only deliver quality ingredients. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Rola Wala - Trinity Kitchen - Leeds

Sponsored post. 

Rola Wala started out life as a street food vendor gracing the streets of London and then beyond. They came to Trinity Kitchen as a part of the ever rotating street food vendors, then they obviously fell in love with us (as we did them) as they decided to set up their first permanent residence here! Since then Rola Wala has gone from strength to strength and is now set to open three more permanent sites in London. 

What's with the name? Rola Wala translates in Hindi to "the man that rolls". RW offer eastern flavours in a street food concept, the wraps are made from lightly toasted naans and contain Indian inspired filings. It's nothing I've ever had before, it's in a completely different world from the Indian wrap I tried in a pub once (see here). 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Pintura - Leeds City Centre

According to some publications Pintura is tipped to be one of the top places to eat Tapas in Leeds. Brought to you by the same people who brought Cielo Blanco (Jakes Bar and Oporto), it already holds a firm footing in Leeds' food and drink scenes. I really enjoyed Cielo Blanco. I love tapas. What could go wrong...?

I went to Pintura for their soft launch last Sunday, the food was 50% off if you booked ahead. Of course I booked, a new restaurant with 50% off food, why wouldn't I book!