Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Mexican Pilgrim - Street Food - Leeds

One Wednesday in February that had no particular relevance or joy about it,  I went on a mini cheddar mission on my lunch break. I found no mini cheddars in the micro supermarkets near where I work and I ended up walking past a Mexican street food van THREE times. I could take no more of its sweet sweet  smokey smokey mouth watering smells and I lamented and joined the queue.

The Mexican Pilgrim has migrated from some industrial estate in Cross Green to the corner (Triangle) of East Parade, just outside Blackhouse. Cue lots of men in suits queuing up to get a good Mexican mouthful.

The menu changes daily, what you see in the picture below is an EXAMPLE of what you MAY find should you decide to visit. I've also noticed whilst passing they occasionally offer pulled pork (Mexican style), Torta (scrap the tortilla for a ciabatta), tacos (often on Taco Tuesdays) and Tortilla soup. Undoubtedly they serve more than this too.

As is the British way I queued patiently for my order to be taken, the guys before me seemed to have been served already and it took a good five minutes for an acknowledgement only to be told there was no chicken left. Dammit. Having already spent five minutes of my precious lunch time in the queue (and 15 minutes on a failed mini cheddar mission) I decided to stick around and have the mince burrito, albeit a little sad I wouldn't get my chicken fix.

I definitely wasn't aware of what I was letting myself in for with regard the portion size, I was made aware when a large parcel was passed to me from the van. It's hard to tell the true size from my pictures so let me put it in to perspective for you - it was about the size of 500g packet of sugar, perhaps a little bigger.

My bulging packet before I opened it and stank out the whole office

I opened up the packet carefully to reveal my burrito, the smells smacking me (and my colleagues) in the face and it owned a rather soggy bottom. (The walk from the van to my office is 2-3 mins max).

It's difficult to see all the immense fillings in the burrito, as it all slopped and slid to the bottom as I attempted to take a reasonable shot. It was like eating chilli con carne in a wrap. Can you imagine trying to eat chilli con carne in a wrap? You've probably guessed, it is extremely messy, by the end I gave in and started eating it with a knife and fork.

I considered giving up half way through, but it was so mouth wateringly good I persisted. I persisted and made myself feel sick from being over-full and had to deal with this for the rest of my afternoon at work. I was so full thoughts were drifting through my mind of 'I wonder if anyone has ever called in sick, or gone home sick from being overly full'. I doubt my superiors would have been pleased if I had said my own gluttony was preventing me from carrying out an afternoon of work, so I pushed through like the soldier that I am.

I do like a burrito but what really irks me about them is that the filings don't really combine evenly throughout the wrap, from one side you get a mouth of salad, the other side a mouth of meat. The only way to combat this is by taking smaller bites from each side and letting them amalgamate in your mouth.

A decisively good lunch, but for the likes of me, who are used to a light lunch, probably best to try them out at Worldfeast on Briggate.

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