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My Thai - Leeds

My Thai is flavour of the month with the local food bloggers. Naturally I had to go and see what all the fuss is about. 

Situated on the outside of the Merrion centre on Wade Lane it's next door neighbour is Fuji Hiro, whether they are friendly neighbours... I'm unsure. If I was a leading seller of noodles in Leeds city centre I'm not so sure I'd be too impressed with a new cute noodle neighbour moving in next door. 

When I describe it as cute I'm referring to the decor and its size. The picture above is taken from the side wall of the restaurant giving it a full panorama sweep. The minuscule size of this place makes it feel cozy but not cramped, with lights twinkling above you. Even the wooden cladded walls make it feel a little more authentic rather than an ageing 1970s smoking room. 

We were VERY lucky to just walk in and grab a table at 6.30pm on a Wednesday evening. We took the last two seater table, people were queueing and waiting for tables the whole time we were there. A word of warning, the largest table they can serve is a table of 6. 

We were handed a couple of Thai beers almost immediately and given some menus. (£3 a bottle)

With everything so cheap, starters ranging from £1-2 and mains £6.50 or £7.70 dependent on meat, we ordered three starters between the two of us. My gluttony getting the better of me once again.

The first of our trio of starters was the pork dumplings in soy sauce (£1.50), which consist of 4 small tiny dumplings, I'd say the size of a large cherry tomato. They were beautiful. For such little morsels of food they are packed with flavour. The porkiness hadn't dissipated with the steaming. 

The second of the trio arrived shortly afterwards - Veg spring rolls with sweet chilli dip (£1.50). Crispy on the outside, substantial in size, providing a comforting feeling with each bite. The sweet chilli dip.. authentic or out of a bottle I'm not so sure... 

Almost immediately followed the chicken satay (£2). This was on par with some of the satay I've (or D's) paid for in a high end restaurant, probably paying almost five times the price. There was no skimping on the satay sauce and it managed to stay stuck to the stick long enough for it not to fall in to my lap, but not welded to it so that I almost ended up almost eating the stick too. It's also far better than their neighbours... 

We hadn't finished our starters when our mains arrived. We then felt rushed in to eating our starters, I'm not sure if this was just poor planning or whether they were trying to free up space. I didn't note anyone else around me having this issue. 

D and I have now merged in to this strange couple hybrid where we now both fancy exactly the same thing... we managed this time to agree to chose different things but as you will note they are VERY similar. Oops. 

D ordered Pattaya Pad See Ew with chicken (above - £6.50). Translation: egg, flat rice noodles, vegetables and chicken (but you got the last bit). 

My choice was the Bangkok pad thai (£6.50). Translation: egg, medium rice noodles, beansprouts, tofu. Not sure all these ingredients were present but there was a more prominent egg than that in D's and I'm pretty sure that was peanut on top not tofu. Nethertheless I loved my dish. It was incredibly filling, the bowl above was actually very deep and I had to get D to finish off the rest of it for me. 

As you're sat in the same room as the kitchen you can see everything being cooked from where you sit (unless you have your back turned towards it, unless you have Alien super powers). With this I was a little disappointed to see a couple of chefs in the back banging apart some frozen spring rolls, I'm hoping they were home-made then frozen... I'm trying to be optimistic**. If you have a sensitive chest the smokey chilli frying away can irk it a little  but it's not too bad. i.e. it wasn't as bad as the time D smoked his flat out whilst trying to make nando sauce covered kebabs for me in the griddle pan... We were both coughing for a week. I digress... 

The total bill for two people came to £24. An absolute steal! I was immensly stuffed and very pleased with what I had eaten. It was a perfect pre-cinema treat and I've already been planning what I am going to have the next time I visit. 

I've struggled to find the website that isn't in reference to their Bradford joint - of which the menu seems to be quite different, tasting menus and a la carte is not the same menu I witnessed here. So here's a link to their facebook instead. If you want to have a look at their menu Diane over at 'A Tale Of Two Sittings' has a picture of it on her post here 

**I have since been reassured by the chef that they are homemade and then frozen, and thankfully not bought in. They are made in large batches each week and frozen so the skin doesn't explode when fried! Who knew spring rolls could explode! I wouldn't like to be around when that happened. It's nice that they took the time to read my post and get in contact with me too, it's made me like My Thai more and even more inclined to go back!

pssst.. they also do takeaway too!!

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