Thursday, 19 February 2015

Market Wraps - Street Food - Leeds

Market Wraps, if you haven't heard of them, are a Yorkshire based street food producer.

Where you can find them: 

Leeds farmer's market on Briggate in Leeds city centre every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. 

There are also plans for them to attend the new Dock Street Market at the Royal Armouries each month. 

Brandon Street night market in Armley on the last Friday of every month 

Brighouse food and craft market on the last Saturday in April, the last weekend in August and the last weekend in November. 

They've been around for three years now and I've only just (I know, I know) sampled their wares. I found them on Briggate Farmers market last weekend, and wasn't disappointed. 

Their menu consists of slow cooked smoked meats, where possible using local ingredients, and now they make their own sauces too! On the day I visited they had pulled pork on the menu, it looked far better than the hog roast a few stalls down (the hog roast looked so fatty and greasy it was making me feel just a bit sick glancing at it). According to their website the pork is rubbed in their own spices and cooked for 12 hours, slightly smoking it and then char-grilling it to get the final product. 

With your chosen meat you choose your bread (tortilla wrap or bread roll), a salad and a sauce. 

I decided to opt for the farmhouse coleslaw (carrot, red cabbage, onion, sweet Mayo) with whiskey barbecue sauce. 

D opted for some crackling on his with the Sunday lunch salad (sage and onion stuffing with a cranberry sauce glaze, baked apples and spinach) with an apple sauce. 

Both of us had a full wrap at £5 each, they were cloaked in foil and we bagged some napkins before devouring them on a bench. 

Things were going well, the pork was excellent and the fillings were excellent. D exclaimed that they held themselves together very well and even I had managed not to spill any on myself. Thanks for the jinx there D... A big splurt or Mayo and barbecue sauce landed on my lap and my bag and probably in my hair too. I am not an attractive eater. 

The guys that served us were really great, friendly and humorous (unlike some of the stall holders who were just out to get out money - I won't name and shame...although tempted). I'd definitely pick up another wrap if I'm passing by or wandering around the market again. 

Go check them out soon! 

Market Wraps

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