Monday, 2 February 2015

Bundobust - New Dishes!

A short post just to let you know about the new dishes that are now available at Bundobust.

Far Far 
Savoury rice puffs with a sprinkling of spice. 

- I could eat several pots of these with several pints, a bit like prawn crackers but without the prawn and lots of spice (not too hot).

Kachumba Sambharo 
Bitter leaves, cucumber, red cabbage, zingy mustard seed and lemon dressing. 

- like no salad I have had before, truly enjoyable

Veg Rice Dry Fry
Basmati rice stir fried with green chilli, mushrooms peas and peppers. 

- Really filling, awesome taste.

Vada Pav
A fried spicy potato ball coated in gram flour, in a brioche bun with red and green chutney and a couple of green chillies. 

- Either the best veggie burger I have ever eaten, or the best carb on carb sandwich I have ever eaten (and that's saying something as I love a chip butty or crisp sandwich).

Egg Bhurji 
Indian scrambled egg with peppers, chilli, cumin and ground coriander served with flatbreads. 

- Voted the best dish of the night by myself and D. I've also challenged myself to make this at home. 

A close up of the Egg Bhurji 

Dhal & Rice
Black lentil curry cooked low and slow with ginger, garam masala and chillies served with basmati rice. 

- Another really filling dish, with excellent flavours shining through. I wish I could make dhal this well!

The prices! 

5 dishes and 2 pints filled us both to the brim! We left very happy chappies... I left to go lie down at home I was so stuffed, and it goes without saying - I was content. 

If you haven't been yet... What are you waiting for?!?! 

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