Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Man Behind The Curtain - Leeds

The Man Behind The Curtain rose in to my consciousness around a year ago, with amazing pictures of pieces of art on a plate. One by one bloggers have been striking it off their wish list and finally my time came last weekend, as a surprise birthday treat.

As we approached the darkened doors of Flannels a suited man opened the door pronouncing our name with confidence, it becomes clear that this place is all about the experience. 

Many reviewers have shown distaste to this entrance, stating they found it almost seedy to creep around in a darkened deserted store. If I'm going to be honest, in which I always try to be, I found it quite curious and a little bit exciting, like we were a part of some privileged elite who were invited to dance the floorboards after dark. 

We were greeted as we walked out of the lift and told we would be seated in the bar area until our table was ready. I think this was more a prelude stage that everyone goes through rather than them being disorganised and not having our table ready, we were one of the first bookings of the night after all. We were handed a drinks menu to thumb through whilst we sat awkwardly around a tiny metal netted table. Before we could even decide upon a drink we were handed our first bite and insight in to what the night might hold for us.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Bridge Tavern - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne or as it is more commonly referred to, Newcastle, is a city I have only briefly seen from the window of a train. I was long overdue a visit. 

I'm not entirely sure that Newcastle is known for its food culture, it's football, loud and scantily clad women, Geordie accents and impressive bridges yes. From what I can gather the food scene is on the way up like most Northern cities, no longer are good eateries confined to that London place. Like many major cities you'll find a lot of chain restaurants decorating the main streets but tucked away down the quayside, chares (small streets) and less obvious walkways you'll find a range of different independents and some upcoming or well-known chef eateries (NB this doesn't include Jamie's Italian which is right up there in central position with the rest of the chains).

It was only a matter of time before I visited Newcastle as the chap is fond of the ol' football and despite coming from Leeds is an NUFC fan. I did a fair bit of research before we visited so not to end up eating somewhere too disappointing, and I've found a fair few Newcastle bloggers in the process too, which is always going to be handy for any upcoming visits (of which I am sure there will be plenty more). 

Quite a few places were recommended to me by some locals. I really wanted something that we didn't have in Leeds, for instance an overindulging burger place or a chain. Amongst the recommendations were a sausage restaurant and the Broad Chare. Whilst reading through some blogs I stumbled across The Bridge Tavern. Its menu seemed very similar to The Broad Chare... but a few quid cheaper and featuring a micro brewery. On this occasion The Bridge Tavern won and it became our choice of pre-match grub. I've since read that the chef from Broad Chare has migrated to The Bridge Tavern so this could explain the similar offerings. 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Shears Yard - Leeds

I've been staring at a blank blog post for so long my computer screen just turned off.

I'm apprehensive about writing this post.

Shears Yard is loved by most of the Leeds food circle. If not all. Well no, not all.

Please don't send the masses to lynch me.

I just feel that maybe I'm missing something?

I suppose the best way to start this post is to begin like I always do...

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Beat the January Blues with great restaurant discounts!

Here's me looking cold and blue 

Each January restaurants see a lull as the masses go on diets, stop spending and generally sit at home out of the cold.

Each January I'm seeing more and more restaurants offering January specific discounts. So take a break from the diet, benefit from the discount and get out of the house!

Below you will find all that I can find in terms of January discounts for Leeds. If I have missed any please feel free to comment below and I will add it to the list.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Blue Bell Inn - Belchford, Horncastle

The Blue Bell Inn is an AA recommended pub, features in the good pub guide, appears in the Michelin 'eating out in pubs' guide as well as being praised by the locals. Must be good right? Right. 

Situated in the Lincolnshire Wolds and dating back to the 18th Century, The Blue Bell Inn is a relatively small pub that serves the locals and hikers (it falls along the Viking Way a hot spot for history walkers). They aren't muddy boots friendly however and politely request they are left in the lobby. 

The pub itself serves a standard range of spirits, wines and lagers as well as two to three guest ales on tap. The relaxed nature of the pub is that you can chose to sit in the pub and enjoy a pint by the fire, you can eat in the pub or in the dining room. Both times I have visited we have eaten in the less formal pub area rather than the dining room. 

The menu is constantly changing depending on season and availability of local produce, so what you see on the website may be slightly different to what they are serving on any one particular night. The menu is displayed on a blackboard in the main bar area and if required a printed menu can be handed to you and they will update you with any changes. 

Friday, 2 January 2015

The Three Horseshoes - Louth, Goulceby

On Christmas Eve D, his parents and I decided to go for a wintry walk and stop for lunch at the Three Horseshoes in Goulceby. D's parents are lucky enough to live in the Lincolnshire Wolds which makes for lovely little walks with a pub always in sight at the end, part way through or even at the beginning of the walk. 

The Three Horseshoes has, I'm told, recently acquired a new chef after their last providing disastrously bad food to their customers.