Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The White Hart - Pool in Wharfedale

The White Hart is a pub that lies on the side of the road as you drive through Pool in Wharfedale. A chain pub, of which their website is secretive of, I'm told it is linked to the Deer Park in Roundhay. The general feel is that of old country pub with posh country furnishings. There are open fires and tartan draped all over the place.

A group of four we went along for dinner one Saturday evening. We booked ahead and it was a good job we did as they were full to capacity when we arrived. We were shown down a small number of steps to a table at the bottom of them. The dining room was filled with as many tables as possible with many larger groups and older families. Sitting on the corner I ducked each time someone came along with plates fearing a gravy on my head or worse a black eye. 

The menu is fairly simple with a number of 'gastro pub' dishes which I believe changed seasonally. Most of the specials menu contained fish. 

To start I ordered the breaded and deep fried Brie. Cooked to perfect it was crispy and nutty on the outside and soft and oozing on the inside.

We had to wait for what seemed a while for our mains, I'm guessing around 15-20 minutes but we whiled away the time with conversation. I opted for one of the most expensive dishes (£17.95) and orderd the lamb rump which was served with dauphinoise potatoes, chorizo, peas and baby onions. The potato wasn't creamy as I would have liked (read as creamy as I make at home). I orded the lamb medium rare but it came medium edging to well done. There was no pink insight. I opted for this dish as disappointedly the pie had all sold out. A cheaper option it would have been a nice dish to have on a cold evening too. 

D had the pig cheeks which he let me have a small bite of. They were cooked well and distintegrated underneath the fork. 

Only D ordered a dessert, the Eton Mess, and he kindly let us have a spoonful each. I think he was disappointed, as he nearly always is, that there wasn't enough ice cream and too much whipped cream. 

The bill for four people came to £160 so by no means a cheap meal out at the pub. Drinks included in the bill were a bottle of wine, 6 glasses of wine, a pint and a lemonade. 

Service was okay but we had to remind the waitress about drinks and we didn't really feel much additional customer service, which I guess was due to it being so busy. 

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