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The Black Prince - Leeds City Centre

I'm not a big fan of pub chains so when I was offered to review The Black Prince in Leeds I didn't immediately jump at the opportunity. I'm trying to be more open minded, gourmet food isn't the main focus for everyone. I've also reviewed similar places off of my own back in the past so it would be ever so slightly hypocritical of me to now become a food snob. 

The Black Prince resides in what was formally Flares nightclub, and then I believe an 80s nightclub. I haven't been inside this building since I was 17 18, I was intrigued to see how it had changed, it's such a beautiful building it always seemed a shame is was inhabited by the drunk middle and under age  18 year olds. 

There are no table reservations (unless I suspect you're planning on having your work Christmas party here) instead there are numbers on tables and you order at the bar. 

Alternative from most pubs which fall in to the same category (Wetherspoons/Yates to name two) they don't just serve lager and Guinness there are a few ales which I'm told rotate every so often. A quick check that the Green King IPA was back on and we had two pints. 

Opting for a table upstairs we picked up the rather sticky menus and tried to digest the immense selection before us. There really is something for everyone, from whole chickens to steak to burgers to fish and chips to curry to pies... I could go on. It's every variation of pub food you could imagine. 

I've had a few pub food disasters in my time in establishments similar so I shied away from a few things. You can swap your chips (which come with most things) for curly fries... In case you're unsure this is scrawled literally all over the menu, and I was then asked again whilst ordering. The answer was yes obviously. 

Cutlery and condiments is on serve your self basis, although keep an eye out for the dirty ones. At least they do two different types of mustard. 

To start we decided to order some chicken wings to share. Whilst ordering I was asked how many we would like: 10...20....30(!?!?) I said just 10 for a starter and with peri peri sauce. The sauce was nice and had a bit of spice to it too, the chicken was on the fatty side but I guess that adds to the taste. When they were finished the guy who was serving us (lovely man with fair hair) told us that they were getting ghost chillies in the next day so if we liked the spiciness of the peri peri would should try that out too. 

D went all out with a loaded burger, the toppings come at an extra cost (between 50p to £2) and he added bacon, cheese and pulled pork... The pulled pork didn't appear however. The bun managed to hold its own and D remarked about the amount sheer amount of lettuce in his bun. 

The ribs were mine, the dish called 'Rack Stack' with two racks of ribs served with curly fries (opted for), coleslaw, onion rings and a jug of BBQ sauce in case you didn't feel they were messy enough. 

Again our lovely server came along and pre empted that I would need extra napkins and then asked if I would like a bowl for the bones, I accepted but declined at the offer of a finger bowl. 

The top stack was definitely better than the lower stack, less fatty, saying that the meat literally fell off the bone, once I picked up a bone the rack simply fell from it. I didn't need the additional BBQ sauce in the gravy boat as there was plenty for me to cover myself in already. 

My main came with onion rings and D ordered them as a side, we tried a couple but they weren't for us, a little soggy and tasteless batter. Something they could do with improving as everyone loves an onion ring. 

We debated over sharing a dessert or getting individual ones: translation D wanted one to himself so he didn't have to share... I didn't think I could eat a whole one (having seen a couple of sundaes on the table across from us). 

D lamented and we agreed to share, to be fair I only had a few spoons full, and we ordered a 'Honeycomb Explosion Sundae' which came piled high with whipped cream and sprinkled with honeycomb. 

The food here is incredibly cheap, you're looking at similar prices to Wetherspoons, or hungry horse or other such pub chains. They do deals every night of the week such as on Mondays kids eat for £1. Speaking of kids they also have a kids menu which is ridiculously cheap too at £4.50 for a main pudding and a drink.  

If you're looking for cheap, quick, pub grub this is the place for you. The staff were very friendly so I wouldn't hesitate taking a messy, noisy child with me as I'm sure they will get used to this in time. 

As it is a cheaper place to eat and drink I'm not sure I would recommend it on a Saturday evening for children as no doubt it will soon become a hotspot for people 'out on the lash' as a first port of call from the train station. 

It's not a high dining experience it is exactly what it says on the tin (menu). Each to their own, no judgements. 

Our meal was complimentary but should have cost around £34, that's one starter, two mains (one was the most expensive on the menu), a dessert and two pints. There is a two for £7.50 menu so you could easily eat for under a tenner here. 

The Black Prince
40 Boar Lane

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Unknown said...

Nice review but not sure I get your Wetherspoons comment. The selection of ales available in every Wetherspons I have visited is exceptional and they have done more than any other chain to promote real beer. You need to give them a go.