Saturday, 15 November 2014

Manahatta - Northern Quarter Leeds - A Sneak Preview

With the ever growing popularity of the Northern Quarter of Leeds here comes another new bar from Arc Inspirations.

Manahatta takes part of what was the former Gatecrasher club, the part it takes is the downstairs and then it extends down Merrion Street. It's designed to be parallel to bars found in New York with speak-easy vibes and
straight-lined designs.

The food (I'm told) tries to gauge the cosmopolitan culture of New York, American burgers, Chinese influenced pork, Indonesian chicken skewers, subs, salads, lobster Mac and cheese...

Hats off to the owner and the PR agency, with a pick up in a real NYC yellow cab and a background (almost CV like) introduction from owner on how he started out to where he is now.. I'm now leaning on the more favourable side of Arc Inspirations. A local chain - if you like - the owner is down to Earth, honest and let's be fair they must be doing something right to open another bar/restaurant.

Here's a photo blog of what you could expect should you take a visit.

I can't comment on the food as these were only miniature samples, therefore just a small taster and not a true reflection of what you may find should you visit, so I have deemed it unfair to comment. If I do visit for the full experience I shall compose a new post which will hopefully reflect the true nature of Manahatta and all that it has to offer.

I can confirm however that this... is a bloody good cocktail.

Geisha Girl 
Ketel One citron,
 plum sake,
 lemon and pineapple juices,
 with dry prosecco. 

11 Merrion Street

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