Sunday, 30 November 2014

Distrikt - Leeds City Centre

I last visited Distrikt in February 2013 recalling that I rather liked the food I decide to pop in again on a Wednesday for their half price tapas offer.

Ever the place of impossible secretive photos (read: taking photos without glaring everyone with your flash so instead come out dark and pink) I apologise again for the photo quality of this post.

They advertise their food to be fresh and local, therefore you'd expect a few seasonal changes with the favourites generally remaining.

We were given menus and told that only a few dishes were half price, this didn't include patatas bravas or olives as these were listed under bar snacks...

We ordered some olives, these were covered in a tomato marinade, came in a small pot and arrived first. (I noted there were less than last time.)

Next up were the balsamic ribs, clearly a favourite dish as they were on the menu last time. Overall they were generally good, sticky and flavoursome although both D and I chewed on a rather dry part that took some chewing and eventually swallowing.

To be delivered to us next were the sobrasada on toast which came with cherry tomatoes, samphire and walnuts. The colours of this dish were amazing, so vibrant. I wish I could have taken a picture that did it an inch of justice! The flavours all combined together were something pretty spectacular, difficult to eat without dropping on your lap, but nevertheless a well put together dish.

In addition to this we ordered a vegetable stack which came with pumpkin, celeriac, halloumi, and sweet potato crisps. One of the best vegetarian dishes I've had in a long while. (Although it doesn't look particularly appetising from this picture)

Then out came the patatas bravas and the lamb kefte and chorizo which was served with couscous and tzatziki. The chorizo came laid across the top, the tzatziki helped stick the couscous to the meatballs provided a well put together dish. 

We also ordered some chicken wings which were a little different from last time as they had changed the coating to Harissa and garam masala served with more tzatziki, do they have a big vat of this? It would have been nice to have an alternative sauce. The wings were quite dry as if they had been dry roasted in the spices and definitely needed some sort of sauce to moisten them up. 

Looking back on my last post I can't help but wonder if it was the same waitress that served me last time, rather abrupt in nature and looked at us as naughty school children when we discovered the amazing penguin beer mats... You think it's just an ordinary beer mat but there is something altogether more fun about it... you can build a little penguin out of it! 

There was plenty of food for the two of us and we left for the cinema contently full. The bill came to just under £22. 

The menu hasn't changed too much since I last visited, but I probably will visit again in the spring time, probably before a Wednesday night cinema trip, to see how the menu has varied. 

To see some much better pictures of their food visit their website here 

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