Sunday, 19 October 2014

Miah's Kitchen - Leeds

Oh Groupon why do I fall for you every time. I can't recall once where I have purchased a voucher and felt like I had a good meal and got my monies worth. A good deal on a hotel or a day out trying archery... But food? No. Perhaps it's time to call it quits.

The deal for this particular establishment was two courses and a glass of wine for two for £18. Seemed like a bargain not to be missed. 

We followed the T&Cs and booked ahead for a Wednesday evening after work at 6.15pm. We were greeted at the door and asked to wait in the seated area near the front of the restaurant whilst they prepared the table... We were the only people in the restaurant. We'd barely sat down when we were being asked to stand again so they could take us to our table.

We were given menus and asked for the Groupon voucher, the man then disappeared with my voucher code... and my phone which displayed the voucher code. We looked over the menu and pondered over the choices we could have, a main under £10 and a starter under £6, pretty much anything that isn't a special or fish.

We ordered some poppadoms whilst we made our decisions. There was an absence of mint dip with our pickle dish which was replaced by a coconut powder concoction. Struggling at first to get this to stay on the popadom we soon figured out that if we dipped in a sauce then the coconut it made less of a mess on the table. 

For starters I played it safe and went for the meat samosas. Had they been served on a smaller plate it may had seemed more substantial. They were pretty average to be fair. I've had the best ever samosas from a lovely young lady at work... These did not compare. I don't know why I torment myself. 

D went for the chicken tikka which he enjoyed, although again a smaller plate would have made it look less like they were scrimping on the appetisers. Perspective is important. 

For mains we really struggled to decide, there was simply too much on the menu and we didn't find the descriptions entirely helpful either. This ambiguity of the menu was apparent when my main turned up... 

Chicken tikka passandra was described as "this could be described as a royal dish. It is spicy but not hot, rich and creamy. Cooked using fresh cream and red wine with the addition of nuts to make it rather special".

There wasn't an ounce of spice about this dish. There was 6 pieces of chicken and a bowl full of sauce. It tasted like a poor thai red curry. 

Thankfully D took pity on me and offered to share his.  

The waiter came over after seeing my disappointed face and explained that it was a very mild dish... Helpful. 

D's dish was a Rogan Josh recommended by the waiter when he asked for something with a bit of spice and sauce. Not sure it was exactly what D was looking for but it was far nicer than my own, it certainly had much more substance to it.

We ordered some pilau rice and a naan to share (not part of the deal).

Throughout the course of the meal we were asked twice more for our groupon voucher and the restaurant started to fill up. Those who did not appear to be using the groupon deal were large groups most likely from the nearby offices, we played guess the profession which kept us amused between courses.

It's fairly cheap for a city centre Indian restaurant, they do takeaway too, with extras and the groupon deal it costs us around £24 for the two of us.

Miah's Kitchen 
3 York Place

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