Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tweedies Bar - Grasmere, The Lake District

We first visited Tweedies after a rather long walk in Lower Langdale, tired and hankering for a pint but not wanting to sit in a hotel foyer we found this place with the help of Google (Grasmere actually has 3G!). A CAMRA award winning pub we really had struck gold.

We returned to Grasmere the following day to have a better look around (when the shops were all open) and to get a spot of lunch. A glorious summers afternoon we were keen to enjoy lunch alfresco but were struggling to find a) somewhere with space left to sit outside b) somewhere that sold a decent lunch. The problem we found when visiting the more touristy villages/towns in The Lakes was that they tended to cater to the tourist, playing upon British stereotypes. There were a lot of sandwiches (most ridiculously priced place for a cheese sandwich on earth) fish and chips and afternoon tea type lunches. Not exactly what we were looking for. 

Recalling Tweedies from the night before we decided to have a look to see if they served food. We were not disappointed! There on the menu was a lunch we were looking for, maybe we have turned in to city folk and spoilt with the options available to us in Leeds but we were delighted not to see a menu that catered to those over 60 (basing this on my parents no judgements).

There is a separate menu for lunch and there is a bar menu, the attached hotel also has a dinner menu (which looks pretty amazing, one to try out next time we visit). Unfortunately the lunch menu is not available on the website so I can't link to it but it did feature a range of smaller sized dishes to that of the main bar menu plus a range of sandwiches, not your stand cheese and pickle but instead things like a pulled pork sandwich... which was the choice of the day for D and myself (city withdrawals maybe?). With a bowl of chips to share we settled in the beer garden, in which there were more than enough tables and slightly sheltered away from the footfall of all the tourists therefore avoiding accidentally being featured in the background of somebodies holiday pictures with sauce dripping down your chin.

The sandwiches were packed full of pork and a bit of salad too. There was barely any fat present which was nice as it avoided me dissecting my sandwich beforehand or ungracefully pulled fat from my mouth in napkin. We were given a choice of white or brown bread for our sandwiches and as you can see I went for brown. The chips were more fries than chips but were pretty good and plentiful in portion size.

A nice spot for lunch with the overhanging trees and the occasional bunny hopping in to view, however beware the birds who hang around watching you from the corner of their eye waiting to pounce on your leftovers as soon as you vacate your table.

We felt a bit bad leaving the table with our leftovers still on them but there was no where for us to take our empty plates. Having watched previous lunchers leave we noticed it wasn't long until a member of staff came to collect the empties obviously aware of the pesky pinching birds.

Definitely a place I would recommend for lunch if you are visiting, it seems relatively unnoticed so nice and quiet too (unlike the other places on the main walkways with much less appetising food). It's also somewhere I wouldn't mind visiting for a pub dinner or if you're wanting something a bit more formal then why not try the hotel attached. The food on the menu looks pretty good, if you have tried the Dale Lodge Hotel let me know as I'm intrigued to know if it is as good as it sounds.

Tweedies Bar
Dale Lodge Hotel
Red Bank Road
LA22 9SW
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