Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Tea Cottage - Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey is a beautiful place lying on the very border of the Yorkshire Dales.

It cost us £9 for the car to enter the car park for the day and then there were no further fees to pay to enter the grounds of the abbey. After a wander down to the abbey we felt a bit peckish so decided to head back towards the car park (which is located next to the post office/gift shop) and try out the café we had seen there.

As it was a sunny day most people were sat outside in the courtyard, where we would have liked to have dined but unfortunately all the tables were occupied. We bungled inside and sat near the window.

One of the things I noticed almost immediately was the abundance of little flies… and one loud child remarked in disgust to their parents about this too.

Nevertheless we were starving so we stuck around.

We had a look over the menu and it was your typical British tourist café menu with a selection of sandwiches and salads.

I was with my mum and step dad on this day and my step dad likes to grumble. Oh my does he like to grumble.

When the waitress came over to the table to ask if we were ready to order my step dad asked if the coke advertised on the menu was 'a tin of coke' she didn't understand him… and thus my step dad being his stubborn self he continued to use the phrase 'a tin of coke' rather than 'a can of coke' until she finally got it. When she had finally realised what he was talking about and replied yes it was he started complaining at the price of 'a tin of coke'.  When she asked him if this is what he would like after he had stopped grumbling he replied 'I suppose so as there isn't anything else I can have, I certainly don't want a hot drink today'.

My mum and I ordered a pot of tea each with no fuss.

Next the poor girl had to take our food orders to which my step dad replied 'I don't fancy anything' and she replied I will go get your drinks and come back…

We pondered over the menu a little while and when she returned we were ready to order.

My mum and step dad both ordered the salad and I ordered the croque monsieur.

The mains were served to us in around 15 minutes. I looked at the sloppy mess on my plate and then looked over to their plates and realised my snack choice had been a poor one… I would have much preferred the salad.

The salad looked neat and fresh and my sandwich looked messy and greasy.

The croque monsieur had a milkier cheese beneath the bread and possibly spread on the outside too and then topped with a cheddar or red Leicester - I'm unsure as the overload of cheese was diluting my ability to differentiate. The ham appeared to be the same as what was on my parents plate. I couldn't finish this even nearly, it was too sickly and too filling. Bad choice.

My mum and step dad couldn't finish their meal either, at retirement age now they aren't used to big meals. When did my parents get so old that they are now like my grandparents?

Overall the café was a little less than average and the prices (as you would expect being so close to a tourist attraction) were ridiculous for what we were served.

Next time I visit Bolton Abbey I will be sure to take a picnic.

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