Thursday, 4 September 2014

Fuji Hiro - Leeds

Worth the hype? Not the night we went...

Fuji Hiro has come up in many conversations I have had about where to get good noodles or a cheap but great meal. I've tried to go the odd couple of nights in the past but have been unable to dine as the place was too full. 

One Sunday evening after a day spent wandering around Leeds and accidentally getting a bit tipsy in Brew Dog Bar me and T decided we wanted noodles.  We stood at the top of Briggate for a while trying to figure out where to go when Fuji Hiro sprang to mind and off we went.

We had no trouble finding a table at this time on a Sunday night and were quickly seated next to the window. 

We decided to get the meal deal but with an extra beer and Yakisoba, we had to repeat it several times and wasn't quite sure if the guy serving understood. We were slightly worried that one of us wouldn't be getting any food!

The Satay chicken was okay but not something that was mouth watering and I'd long to have again. 

I was slightly disappointed by my yakisoba in that it wasn't piping hot, there was barely any chicken and the prawns were like those small frozen ones you can buy in supermarkets... I wouldn't be surprised if they were.

Service was haphazard and we didn't really know what was going on most of the time, or even how to pay. It isn't much to look at but sometimes the best places aren't. Maybe we ordered the wrong things? I'm not sure. Maybe my expectations were too high having read some really good blog posts... It's not somewhere I will returning any time soon...

Fuji Hiro
45 Wade Lane

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Unknown said...

It's a shame to hear your food wasn't up to much. I've always had excellent meals in there. Having said that, I unfortunately have experienced issues service-wise - twice I've had exactly the same problem dining with my sister where my starter came out long after she had finished hers and our mains were arriving! There are definitely some improvements to be made...