Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Carluccio's dessert and coffee - Trinity Leeds

When will I learn?

Not all chains are reliable.

Especially Carluccio's.

Carluccio's is a firm favourite of mine for a Friday treat of coffee and pastry to take away. This is where it should end. My first ever blog post was written about Carluccio's when it first opened on Greek Street in Leeds three years ago. It wasn't a great experience and I have never returned for a sit down meal.

After lunch in Trinity Kitchen C and I decided we wanted coffee and dessert, with it already past 5pm on a Sunday afternoon we needed somewhere that was going to stay open that served good coffee.

We were also being lazy and didn't want to stray too far so we went to Carluccio's in Trinty.

As soon as I walked in I slipped. Now this could just be me being my normal clumsy self... or it could have been a sign.

We were shown to a table for two that had a glass dividing it from another table for two. Very off putting as it felt like we were sat a table for four with two strangers.

When the waitress came over (immediately to take our orders) we advised we were just there for coffee and dessert. A few minutes later she returned and we both ordered Cioccolato Fondente (chocolate fondant) which is served with ice cream and a traditional Italian chocolate coffee which comes with the coffee, chocolate and cream separate for you to pour yourself.

A good few minutes past and we gladly chatted away. Another waitress appeared and served us our desserts, and asked us if we wanted some water seen as our coffees would be late... This was the first we had heard that our coffees would be late... so we said yes.

Half way through our desserts our coffees turned up. Cold. Cold to match our cold chocolate fondants... okay that's a slight exaggeration, they were warm, at best.

We asked for the bill after being ignored for about 15 minutes after our dishes were taken away, and the original waitress returned and said we weren't being charged for the coffee as it was so late due to the chocolate machine not being turned on. Finally an explanation.

It's disappointing that Carluccio's continues to disappoint as it does seem like a good concept, with the small deli attached to the restaurant and traditional Italian food being served from the person who makes up one half of the 'Two Fat Italians'. Their waiting staff need better training, their kitchen needs to learn that not everyone likes their food Luke warm, and they need to turn on the chocolate machine!!!

Oh my days.

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