Wednesday, 27 August 2014

White Hart Inn - Grassmarket, Edinburgh

In the search for ale, none of this crappy lager stuff, we accidentally stumbled in to the oldest pub in Edinburgh. An absolute fluke! We walked in and out of a few pubs that didn't have pulled cask ale, walked in to this one saw that it had ale, a pub food bites menu and some tables (albeit outside) so parked our bottoms and pints (once pulled and paid for) outside. It was once we were sat outside that we noticed the sign which said it was the oldest pub in Edinburgh. Bingo.

I honestly can't remember the name of the pint we chose but I think it bore some resemblence to the name of the pub, although I can't see on their website that they brew their own beer. Nethertheless it hit the spot and did the job.

Again by fluke we managed to pick the only time the sun shone warmly on Edinburgh to sit outside. Great place to people watch. We watched as an expert flyer-er-person managed to get everyone who walked past him to warm to him and not dodge his flyering tactics.

We ordered a sausage platter to share as we only wanted something small before a big meal that evening.


Not so small after all.

The plater came with ale sausages, pickles, a scotch egg, bread and salad (hiding behind the bread) we ordered chips as an extra. 

The sausages were sticky with ale and dipped in the brown sauce/ale-sauce thing it went nicely. The scotch egg was warm but a little on the dry side. 

The chips I'm sure write just the curly fries you can buy from the supermarket and oven baked, a little soggy too. 

On the outside wall it told the story of the famous body snatchers in Edinburgh and how the pub is supposedly still haunted by one of their victims. Great incentive to get people in to your pub...

A nice little pub for a beer although beware the moody locals sat at the bar.

White Hart Inn
34 Grassmarket

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