Thursday, 28 August 2014

Southern Cross Cafe - Edinburgh

I'm going to start off by saying - don't visit this place.

Just off the Royal Mile on a curved road up a slopping hill lies Southern Cross Cafe, or as it's now abbreviated to 'SX Cafe'. 

It's near the Royal Mile, it gets the footfall, it doesn't really need to put the effort in to make people return as it will get more than enough one time visitors to keep it going. 

It all looked so promising with a small outside seated section and a narrow Georgian front with pastries decorating the front window. You get inside and again it looks full of expectation as with its local art on the walls and newspapers scattered around for its customers to read.

It took us a while to be seated and we seemed to be ignored by staff with them just walking past us not even handing us a menu. A family of four managed to push in front of us and another couple and were seated and served before we were. Not a great first impression.  

Finally seated upstairs we were handed menus. It took me a while to decide because there was nothing that really grabbed my taste buds. 

In the end D went for a Scottish breakfast and I went for a chicken and cheese quesadilla. 

Both arrived in reasonable time with D's looking a bit more appetising than my own. His breakfast came with a fried egg, toast, sausages, bacon, beans and haggis (to make it Scottish) no tattie scone.... D's first taste of haggis wasn't a good one and that was a shame. There was also egg shell in his breakfast... Several pieces I'm not just talking the accidentally one there was a small pile by the time he'd made his way through it.

Mine was worse. The sour cream was on top of the quesadilla with salad underneath. There was literally just chicken and cheese in-between the tortilla. It was dry and sickly. The salad had too much dressing on it which made it oily and unpalatable. The salad was boring too with much of the same leaf with a piney taste.

The breakfast was about £8 and mine about a £5 which wasn't overly expensive although had I known I would have been happy to pay more elsewhere and had a better lunch.

Southern Cross Cafe
63a Cockburn Street
Old Town 

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