Thursday, 10 July 2014

Bundobust - Leeds City Centre

Bundobust the love child of two fantastic ventures laying their routes in Bradford and expelling their child to the big city of Leeds.

The Sparrow: a real ale hub, a CAMRA endorsed pub, with some good people behind it. 

Prashaad: a once hidden secret in Bradford given national fame thanks to Gordon Ramsey, so successful they have had to relocate to a bigger premises and have even brought out a cook book. They serve meat free Indian food, so good that even the most blood thirsty of us will not miss meat.

It seems that Bundobust has been coming for an awful long time. I've seen so much written on twitter about their long awaited venture and various pop ups here and there. Unfortunately I had yet to sample their wares and find out what all the fuss was about. 

This time came last week... 

Bundobust takes residence on a street which has looked tired and forgotten about for years, in desperate need of a facelift and has been battered and bruised by the drinking culture of the nearby Yates and long gone (thank goodness) Bar Censa, bookies and vomit inducing takeaways (the proof is on the pavements). In recent years however I've started to see a slow transistion take place... Trinity is now opposite glaring down at it from above, the street behind has seen new indie ventures open such as Friends of Ham and Laynes...

Things are changing.

I was lucky enough to be invited for a sneak preview a week before opening. Stepping in things felt new, but old. Everything had been stripped back (a current fashion I feel) and upcycled. There are old doors decorating the walls and creating partitions, benches lined up along walls and at the very far end the bar with the kitchen behind. A lot larger than I originally thought another room lies to the side, I think they're going to need all this room and possibly more. 

On tap and in fridges there are a variety of ales, bitters, stouts, IPAs and something a little fruity. Spotting Saltaire brewery gold on tap (a soft spot in my heart after living next door to the brewery for 18 months) I immediately chose this. As soon as our pints were pulled our food was ready and we pattered off to a table. 

On offer tonight was Bhel Puri and Spice and Rice. 

We immediately went for the Spice and Rice first and expressed our immediate love for it. Not just any daahl type dish it was wholesome, flavoursome and moresome. 

We then tried the Bhel Puri.. Not something either of us had quite tasted before, but oh my it was good. Cripsy topping, a mix of different flavours that sort of danced around in the bottom of the dish enticing you to place more and more in your mouth. 

We flitted between both struggling to decide which we preferred. I'm still not sure what we eventually decided upon so let's call it a tie. 

I tried to return for the opening to gage more of an idea of what would be on offer generally and prices. The queue that nightwas down the street and looked like a one in and one out jobby; my work colleagues weren't as willing to hang around. Hopefully I'll get to check it out again soon as report back with my findings. 

In any case I'm going to recommend it. Beer and good food you can't go wrong. 

Now all we need is for Yates and the remaing bookies to be elbowed out.

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