Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Teppan 260 - Leeds City Centre

Please note this establishment has now closed 

Alternative dining experiences have been around for a while, the Americans and Japanese appear to particularly like them. For example Americans have before chosen to deliver your burger and shake on roller skates, or by girls who are blessed in the chest region. In Japan we have seen cat caf├ęs where you can stroke a moggie whilst drinking your mocha, or you may chose to have your dinner served by a ninja or in a prison, whatever tickles your fancy... (See here for a further list of what Japan has to offer in the alternative dining scene )

Teppan 260 aims to bring a modern alternative dining experience to Leeds. You order your food through iPads (chained to the table) and you cook your own food at your table. 

Frankly, I wasn't convinced by the concept. Surely the whole point of going to a restaurant is the 'being waited hand on foot' experience, the trivial but jovial chat with the waiting staff, then it's the joy that you get from having food cooked for you. Whether you're getting that joy because you simply can't cook that particular dish yourself at home, because the ingredients are hard to come by, or simply because you want a night off. This restaurant is taking most of that away from it's diners. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Bird and Beast - Leeds City Centre

Bird and Beast caught my eye a few months ago as I happen to walk through Central Arcade on my way to work most mornings. Things then started to rumble on twitter about it and my interest peaked further.

Bird and Beast is brought to us by a local chef Simon Shaw who is taking a step in to the Leeds dining scene by offering us a simple no fuss menu with locally sourced ingredients. A chef with a good standing already in the food scene he heads up El Gato Negro in Ripponden. 

It's all about the bird. The bird being chicken.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Bundobust - Leeds City Centre

Bundobust the love child of two fantastic ventures laying their routes in Bradford and expelling their child to the big city of Leeds.

The Sparrow: a real ale hub, a CAMRA endorsed pub, with some good people behind it. 

Prashaad: a once hidden secret in Bradford given national fame thanks to Gordon Ramsey, so successful they have had to relocate to a bigger premises and have even brought out a cook book. They serve meat free Indian food, so good that even the most blood thirsty of us will not miss meat.

It seems that Bundobust has been coming for an awful long time. I've seen so much written on twitter about their long awaited venture and various pop ups here and there. Unfortunately I had yet to sample their wares and find out what all the fuss was about. 

This time came last week...