Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Pizza House Company - Leeds

Yet again I search for the perfect takeaway in North Leeds. This time to find pizza that shines above dominoes or at least comes close without the hefty price tag.

Pizza house company have a couple of takeaways dotted around Leeds in Moortown and Guiseley. 

Pizza House Company appear in the top takeaways for Leeds due to their user rating so I was eager to give them a go. 

A and I after having a rather tiresome Monday at work decided that it would be a perfect night to stuff our faces with pizza.

We ordered a pizza each, I struggled to find a pizza that was just right for me so I decided to do a create your own and added green pepper and pepperoni to a thin crust 14 inch cheese and tomato pizza. 

A decided to order a vegetarian supreme on a thick crust with added chili powder herbs (I think these additional toppings were free - so why not?!) and jalapenos. A's pizza looked immense! So thick and loaded with toppings. 

My pizza took me back to my student years, it was exactly the same sort of pizza I used to eat way back then. It was simple no fuss comfort food. 

We ordered a few sides to accompany our pizzas, your standard sides or chips, coleslaw and mozzarella dippers. The mozzarella dippers were fab, we couldn't get enough of them and the coleslaw was a massive portion which I mainly left to A to work her way through. The chips? I have no idea they didn't turn up.

We ordered some drinks too, thankfully they all turned up and A delighted in being able to order lilt. 

We ordered two tubs of ice cream for dessert, strawberry for A and honeycomb for me... However shortly before our pizzas were due to arrive I got a call from the takeaway advising they only had strawberry and vanilla ice cream left. I went with strawberry. It was nice to see a local company selling a local ice cream too rather than your standard Ben and Jerry's. It was Yordale ice cream which is lovely and creamy a nice accompaniment or great to just sit and eat it out of the tub.

I'd order from pizza house company again, maybe when I have a few people round for a girls night as it's a definite people pleaser.

Is this takeaway too far away for you? Hungryhouse have compiled a list of the top takeaways in Leeds here (You'll also find The Pizza House Company listed here too). 

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