Saturday, 14 June 2014

Pizza Express - Lunch

Pizza Express are currently trialling out a new lunch menu.

Honestly, I have a slight aversion to Pizza Express. I don't think I've ever had a good meal. Sloppy pizza, cold pizza, lasagne that later led to me projectile vomiting. Seen as it has been a good few years since these incidents and much avoidance of the place I decided to take them up on their offer of to sample the new lunch menu... plus it's literally down the road from where I work (but I am sure this applies to most).

The lunch menu only runs Monday to Friday, and isn't available everywhere yet. Reasonably priced for a sit down lunch the prices range from around £4-£7 per dish and they are designed to be lighter dishes than on the regular menu.

With work colleague in tow we headed down one Thursday afternoon to check it out. The restaurant in Park Place Leeds was about 60% full, I was expecting it to be much busier in the legal office district of Leeds.

With two diet cokes ordered I opted for a salad, too much food or carb on a lunch time and I will need several cups of coffee to keep me falling asleep at my desk. The Pollo salad comes with chicken, goats cheese, mixed leaves, peppers, olives, tomato, house dressing and warm mini dough sticks. Apart from mine didn't come with the goats cheese as they forgot to add this... something the waiter looked horrified at when I told him. In all honesty I hadn't noticed as I was too busy talking and eating.. it was only when I glanced at the menu again that I noticed the missing element. Overall the salad was okay, the chicken served is cold, and it's pretty standard as far as salads go.

My colleague chose a pizza, far thinner than their evening menu sister and served on slate (why? It's only going to get ruined if you're handing out pizza cutters). They opted for the Pollo pizza and I have to say I was pretty jealous. Finishing the pizza quicker than I did my salad they seemed impressed... whilst ordering a cappuccino to perk themselves up again.

It's a pretty standard lunch menu, but it's a people pleaser, everyone will manage to find something to eat. Which is best when you're having a corporate lunch.

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