Sunday, 15 June 2014

Grove Cafe - Burley, Leeds

I'm a little confused by Grove Cafe, is it an Italian (as the subject line of their website suggests) or is it an Indian as listed on Hungry House with it's curries advertised first on the menu?

Despite this Grove Cafe was one of the takeaways recommended to me when I first moved back to Leeds. I don't remember it as a student (but then with all the alcohol I consumed I'm surprised I remember anything at all) so perhaps it hasn't been around that long?

So one rainy evening D and I decided to try it out...

D and I ordered a curry each - a chicken balti for D and a chicken Karahi for me, a mixed meat starter and a mixed veg starter, some mushroom rice and some pilau rice, a carton of mango juice and a can of diet coke.... Then in addition to this we bought a pizza! 

As we had spent over £20 we were given a free bottle of coke. 

We decided to drive and pick up the takeaway which would be ready in 30 mins... A 15 minute drive didn't make the wait too bad. 

We arrived and picked up our mountain of food between us and drove home.... To get home and find we had all our food but none of the drinks we ordered apart from the free coke... Too far to drive back we left it at that. 

The curries weren't labelled so we had no idea which was which and looking at them they looked pretty much identical. Tasting them.... We couldn't make it out either. 

The rice was a similar situation however we managed to spot the tiny bits of mushroom, which D avoided due to his aversion however they were so small if he had of accidentally eaten it he probably wouldn't have noticed. 

We tried a bit of the chicken from the mixed meat starter and it was dry and barely resembling chicken... There was no way I was going to try the faeces looking meat.

We also ordered some poppadoms and mango chutney, the mango chutney came in handy for eating the veg mixed starter as the pakora was dry and barely swallowable without. The samosas on the other hand were lovely.

I saved the pizza for the next day for me and A to eat. A News Pizza (pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers and salami) I expected all the toppings to be scattered across the whole of the pizza... Instead each of the four toppings were arranged on to two slices each of the pizza. Bit odd, bit different but it was kind of okay and almost good. 

I struggled to tell which was the salami and which was the pepperoni, an indication of the quality of each. The base was crispy and not laden with grease. 

Overall I'm not sure why Grove Cafe scores so highly on takeaway websites, and whether it scores highly on its pizzas or it's curries? However, I found disappointment in both. 

My search continues for a great takeaway in North Leeds....

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