Friday, 25 April 2014

The Roundhay Fox - Roundhay, Leeds

The Roundhay Fox (in Roundhay surprisingly) is a part of the Vintage Inns chain of pubs. There are nearly 200 of them and three in Leeds, so we can call this a well established chain.

A pub chain of this size would normally have me shying away but they don't boast ridiculous deals like two mains for £5.99 or onion rings stacked as high as your granny, so I wasn't too perturbed at trying them out. Plus... it seems to be my new local.

I don't know who, and I don't know when, but someone, somewhere, once told me that the Fox serves really nice pies.

So guess what I ordered... a steak.

Only joking, I ordered a pie of course!

D did a however order a steak.

We had a young adolescent serving us who either had a nervous tick or just was just dancing to the music of his soul whilst he asked us for our orders. Friendly, straight to the point and no fuss, just what I like in a daytime waiter. I don't want ponce in a pub. 

We decided not to go for starters calling the pint on the wall outside the pub our starter instead. There also wasn't anything that really grabbed me as the menu contained the usual garlic bread, soup, prawn cocktail (granny catering) etc... 

After much deliberation and imagining the food in my mouth I decided upon the British Beef and Merlot Pie (I would have been more impressed had it been Yorkshire Beef... support local businesses and all that jazz). (£10.75) 

As you will note the pie comes in a pie dish with a puff pastry top. It looked massive but most of the height came from the pastry, as D commented - it was mainly air. Inside there were a few chunks of beef and some mushrooms with plenty of gravy. I felt that they had been a bit stingy with the filling but then maybe that's just me being greedy again. 

I opted for the regular chips rather than the chunky chips, as I'm not a fan of chips as big as your thigh. They were okay as chips went and they gladly soaked up the mass gravy in my dish.

Accompanying my pie and chips were some vegetables... Meek and lank looking I barely touched them. 

D ordered the rump steak served medium rare (£11.25) with chunky chips (an additional £1.00). In addition to this it came with peas and a stack of onion rings stuck together. 

D's steak was very rare in one part and tough to cut through in others, I thought he was going to launch it at me at one point. He remarked that he had made a mistake with the chips and would have preferred the regular. 

Desserts were traditional English, such as crumble, ice cream, apple pie etc. but a rather filling meal on a warm day we passed.

A standard chain pub lunch.

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