Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Salts Diner - Saltaire

Salts Diner is situated in Salt's Mill in Saltaire

If you haven't been to Saltaire.. why not? I used to live near to Saltaire and there is so much I miss about the area, including being just a short walk away from the heritage village. 

In the summer time when it's bright and sunny, or the winter time when everything is covered in snow, or in the spring time when the blossom is blooming, or in the autumn when the leaves are turning Saltaire is a beautiful place. A beautiful place which is dominated by Salts Mill. The grand buildings that make up both buildings of the Mill either side of the canal are less ugly and intrusive as you expect a mill to be, but instead a symbol of our countries industrial past, and something to be admired.

Within the mills are a range of shops, galleries and Salts Diner. Salts Diner is sandwiched between the bookshop and household items (kitchenware and expensive furniture) in a school canteen-esq environment.

I've popped in before but only for cake (they do good tea and cake), on this occasion I ended up visiting after being told by the staff in the Boathouse Inn that they were full and there was a long wait for food if we managed to find somewhere at the bar we headed over to Salts Mill.

A lot of the specials were starting to sell out by the time we arrived around 2pm with various waitresses rubbing out the options on the blackboards around the canteen. It had been mentioned to me that the pizza was really good here but having had pizza the night before I didn't want to overdose.

Nothing else really grabbed me on the menu so having skipped breakfast I decided to go with burger and chips (yes yes I know I have been ranting about this recently but they were hardly going to serve up something akin to Reds BBQ were they?).

It was a good burger and it felt home-made. The beef was chunky and it had a ton of flavour, on top there was plenty of sauce and some sliced gherkins (what's happened to the good ol' gherkin!). Served in a thick floury breadcake (bap) it was a nice change from brioche and it managed to hold itself together too.

The salad was less to be desired, the coleslaw was yellow in colour and reminded more of salad cream than mayo.

The chips were good chips, no fuss, no skin on, no triple/quadruple/million times fried, just basic chips that were soft and fluffy.

A filling meal it left no room for their delicious cake (sad face). If I visit again I will try and get there earlier to have something from the specials or perhaps try out the pizza.

The staff were also incredibly friendly! A really good atmosphere and somewhere I would recommend to families.

Salts Diner
Salts Mill
Victoria Road
BD18 3LA

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