Thursday, 6 March 2014

Each to their own...

I don't really 'do' blog posts like this, as you'll note my blog is mainly restaurant reviews and the occasional recipe when I can remember what I added to said meal...

This morning however something really irritated me. So much so it gave me a tight knot in my stomach and made my ears burn. 

The source of my irritation, annoyance, disappointment and frustration: fellow food bloggers ripping into another blog, publically for all to see on twitter. 

This particular blog is a beauty blog or lifestyle blog (I'm not sure) whose owner has now taken to writing about her food experiences.

I understand that in comparison to other food blogs she doesn't really compare, and her posts can be very gender stereotyped, there maybe a few typos spelling mistakes and misuse of words. 

I ALWAYS spot a typo when I publish a new post, sorry I'm afraid my proof reader disappeared a long time ago. When I'm tired and I'm trying to get out a post for a restaurant who have been really good to me my grammar and sentence structure is at times atrocious. I've accidentally written larger instead of lager when I've been in the heat of the moment on the back of some rant, not properly checking what I have been writing. The trolls of the Internet will always pick up on these things and write horrid comments on my blog, which is why I now moderate all comments. It also makes me feel like shit when I read derogative things about myself, written on my blog, something I have ploughed hours in to and dedicated my spare time to. 

I'm not a paid writer. I'm not a professional. I just like sharing my experiences with others. 

This person's blog may not appeal to food bloggers, as they tend to have a certain standard, and a general loathing for chain restaurants. This blog is in its origin a beauty blog. The target audience of her blog is different, what may seem ridiculous to food bloggers (for instance stating Iguanas and Chiquito's to be 'real' Mexican food places) will help another outside of the (I hate to use the term) 'foodie' world relate. 

Why should we dismiss someone else's views just because their world is focused around something different than our own? 

I cringe when I look back at my earlier posts. So much so I don't read them anymore. Writing a food blog has been a huge learning curve for me, in terms of writing and food. I know far more now about both than I did 3 years ago and I still have so much more to learn. It will take years for me to feel I have gained enough status in the food world for people to rely on what I say wholeheartedly. 

The same goes for this post. It's just my opinion. It's just how I feel. 

I know I would be devastated to be publically humiliated on twitter for something I enjoy doing. 

I think it would make me quit. 

I've had to take breaks from blogging before now (which is why you will see gaps in the timeline and posts from months ago surfacing in the present) it gets too much. It gets too bitchy and pressurised. I thought this was supposed to be a bit of fun? 

I'm not perfect in any stretch of the imagination, but quite frankly all this has upset me a little. I guess that's why I decided to write a post about it. 

Can we all just have a little more love for each other?

Comments welcome. 


Gary said...

I'd happily buy you a drink for this post, felt exactly the same reading twitter this morning.

Don't you stop blogging either

Unknown said...

I agree, reading the twitter thread yesterday made me a bit sad, it wasn't nice at all.