Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Adelphi - Leeds

Sunday lunch is a British institution, dare to declare you're not a fan and most will stare and point at you.

I'm not one for eating Sunday lunch out, I've been spoiled by the best homemade Sunday lunches, and often restaurants don't come close.

On this occasion a trip in to Leeds city centre was needed and a good belly full too, so me and T decided to look in to Sunday lunches - via the help of twitter. The top recommendation was the Adelphi. 

Roasts are priced between £10.50-12.00 dependent on what you order. The selection on this day included pork, chicken, beef and nutroast. 

I went for the most expensive option the beef. Each roast is served with veg, Yorkshire pudding and potatoes.  

T went with the pork and cracklings option. 

As you can see the Yorkshire puddings were sizeable, although a little stale for my liking - I'm used to them fresh out of the oven. Gravy came already poured on... I would have preferred to have had a little jug to do it myself. The beef was really good quality but personally I could have eaten it a little rarer - always a gamble when ordering beef. T had no complaints with his pork but wished for more crackling. 

The veg was okay, I'm not a massive fan of boiled cabbage give me brocoli with my roast over cabbage any day. The roasts again were okay but not as crispy and fluffy as those in which I have become accustomed to. 

I realise I sound very critical in this post but when you've had the best you can't help comparing. 

It's a good standard pub Sunday lunch and if that's your thing I'd certainly recommend it. 

There were also free Bloody Mary shots for those eating Sunday lunch... I'm presuming most who venture out for it are in need of a little pick me up after the previous night! 

Would love to go back to the Adelphi and see what else they have to offer.

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