Sunday, 23 February 2014

Crowd of Favours - Leeds

A Leeds Brewery Pub Crowd of Favours is almost hidden down near the markets. It makes for a nice quiet pint during the week after work. Bearing this in mind, after a particularly hectic day at work I met up with C for a pint and some food. First up a pint of Leeds Pale, one of my favourite ales it's simple and easy to drink (sometimes a little too easy..). 

Cradling our pints we looked over the menu and with choices firmly in mind we headed over to the bar.

Here lies our first problem... Neither choices we wanted were available. So we chose again... Nope nada. The person behind the bar explained that a party of people had turned up with more than they had booked a table for.There were no fish and chips... No steak or beef burgers... So we had to ask what was left?

Pretty much just two courses... Tired and hungry we decided to order those. 

Luckily they still had some bread and olives, although that was debatable. I was definitely expecting more for my money when this turned up and the balsamic and oil didn't last for the whole bread.

C chose the pork belly on puy lentils, smoked bacon, caramelised pears and jus. This turned out to be a good choice for her, she noted it was not something she would have chosen herself but really enjoyed it. Silver lining and all that... 

I ended up with a chargrilled chicken burger and chips. The chicken was dry, there was a lack of sauce to help recover the chicken or bread. The chips were just okay, the sort you could make yourself at home by roughly chopping up some potato and shoving it in a fryer.

Crowd of favours wasn't on my hit list for food but it was for a drink... I'll probably keep it there too. I wouldn't be rushing to eat here again any time soon, maybe next time I'll try their sister The Swan. 

A great place for a drink, they have a cinema night in the basement every Tuesday with the film announced on twitter. I hear they do a great quiz too which is on every Wednesday.

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