Saturday, 1 February 2014

Revolution - Leeds

I'm going to be honest (as usual) one Saturday afternoon when my friends said they wanted to have lunch in Revolution in Millenium square I wasn't looking forward to it. My past memories of Revolution stem from being a student and downing vodka shots of many many different varieties. There was also steak night on a Wednesday when I used to eat mine burnt to a crisp so who knows if it was actually nice (or realistically edible)...

However, the place appears to have had a lick of paint to brighten it up and it feels less like a dingy bar that students hang out in, it even had soft furnishings with flowers on. There were a group of mothers sat with their babies and a fair few people having a nice chilled lunch, clearly a place I've overlooked over the last five years. 

We ordered drinks and I was 'ID-ed' by someone who looked around 18, much to my friends amusement.

We all ordered burgers... But I only took a picture of mine. Sometimes being social takes prescendent over blogging (rarely)... 

I ordered the peppercorn burger, as the name would suggest, it is a steak burger topped with melted cheese, peppercorn sauce and onion rings with skin on fries as a separate side. I did quite like that the peppercorn sauce came in a jug for me to pour myself and reduce the possibility of a soggy burger. 

The burger is hugged by brioche, a fashionable thing at the moment but with no complaints from me. The burger was better than expected, full of flavour, generous in size, no grissle, not too greasy and seasoned well. The chips were good chips not soggy undercooked or greasy. A far cry from the burgers I ate as a student. I felt very satisfied after I finished my meal as did my fellow diners.

The meal cost us about £17 each which I didn't think was bad for a main and an alcoholic drink of good quality (the food not the drink - the house wine was horrid).

They also do other bar-type foods such as small plates, platters, sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, fish and chips etc. 

I won't turn my nose up next time someone suggests it but in the same breath I won't be going back every week.

Vodka Revolution
Millennium Square

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