Saturday, 1 February 2014

Reds True Barbecue - Leeds

I realise that I am probably one of the last people in Leeds (and beyond) to visit Red's. It's appeared in the guardian and its been the talk of the town for some time. It seemed to appear in Leeds just as the hype regarding meat and all things barbecued peaked. I have seen countless pictures of this place from food bloggers and your regular {insert social media here} user.

I needed to go.

The only problem... Each time I've attempted to go with friends they have been too hungry to justify waiting around for a table. I like their system though, if you're a small group you can't book in advance but you can turn up and request a table, they will then take your number and give you a time that a table will be free. On this occasion it was 55 mins later, they will call you if a table becomes free sooner but if not you've got your handy little card to wave at them on your return (perhaps a little too close to their face as whilst waiting for a table you've nipped to Las Iguanas for their happy hour two for one cocktails - that's a tip, you are welcome).

It isn't a huge place inside, the tables can be quite close together and chairs need to be pulled in (and stomachs too) for people to squeeze past to a vacate or occupy a nearby table.

The menu has a range of American beers and a few on tap selections, such as (predictably) Brooklyn beer. On is occasion I chose a bottle of Dixie and V had a white wine spritzer.

We decided not to bother with starters (let's count the waiting cocktails as our starter for this night) and ordered mains. I really struggled with what to order. It was a toss up between some ribs, a burger and a sandwich (someone invent a three sided coin). Eventually I went with The Pit Burger. The most expensive burger on the menu it consists of steak burger, slicked brisket, pulled pork, streaky bacon, melted cheese, dill pickle, tomato, lettuce, dirty sauce (?), American mustard and BBQ sauce all piled between a brioche bun. Brioche is currently my favourite bread for burgers, it just seems to hold its own a little better, and gives me less indegestion problems as it's not too dry! (clearly I'm getting old). Plus you get some fries.... Because it only came with one side I decided to indulge and also get the onion rings for £1 extra. When the burger turned up there was just one large onion ring stuck on the top... Not what I was expecting and definitely not worth the extra quid.

Looking back now I can't believe I managed to eat this monster. I'm not going to say it was easy, it was definitely a challenge. I felt like I needed a nap afterwards, I certainly won't be eating this for lunch.

V decided to get the pulled pork sandwich with a side of fries and a corn on the cob although was looking longingly at the mac and cheese. I'm not sure I could handle a mac and cheese as a side, too much carb and fat for me. The sandwich was gone before I'd even managed to eat half of my burger and there was no complaints from V. 

I tried out the selection of BBQ sauces which Red's website boasts makes the meal. To be honest it felt like a normal condiment selection with BBQ sauce mixed in to everything such as BBQ sauce vinegar, BBQ sauce hot sauce, BBQ sauce ketchup and BBQ sauce mustard. However, I did really like the mustard based sauce and happily dipped my chips in. 

The service was good for a restaurant so busy and the staff were friendly. The only thing that did perturb us was that the larger table next to us was served their food a lot speedier than we were and we arrived before them... 

I would return and perhaps see how their ribs fair against the local competition. It's not somewhere I would consider just dropping in, it would have to be a planned event like this one, and if I'm going to eat that much again I don't think I could go out afterwards or you would find me asleep under a table! 

Reds True Barbecue
1 Cloth Hall Street

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