Saturday, 7 December 2013

Roxy Ball Rooms - Boar Lane, Leeds

Not one for normally writing a non-food related post.. this is a food blog after all. This is an establishment which will be serving food eventually however... so they are just getting away with it. Needless to say I wasn't exactly impressed to be invited along to the press event as a 'food blogger' and to be told within 5 minutes of arriving that they were holding off launching their pizza kitchen until January...

So this will be a relatively short post in which I introduce you to Roxy Ball Rooms a new bar in Leeds which opens to the public tonight.

Roxy Ball Room I was told is supposed to be bringing something new to Leeds... well we have pool, and we have ping pong tables (something they seemed surprised when I pointed this out to them) I guess thing I haven't seen is beer pong.

The pool tables are £12 per hour and £8 per hour peak and non-peak times respectively. The ping pong is free when you buy your beer... This seemed a bit odd. Not sure how they're going to keep hold of all the equipment as beer tends to turn the best people in to sneaky little pilferer.

They have their own Roxy Cocktails and Roxy Lager... we had a cocktail each that was like a bitter lemonade with the tiniest bit of vodka in. Not sure what the larger is like...

Anyway... here are some pictures!

It might be just me and my growing cynicism which seems to grow alongside the numbers in my age... but I see this as being a top spot for students and rowdy men on a weekend. I'd like to see how shiny and new things look once they've got a few Friday and Saturday nights under their belts... especially with the Christmas season approaching.

One thing I almost forgot to mention.. they have a stage for bands to play on... very small bands who don't like to jump around a lot.

I'll be popping in as soon as they launch their food menu...