Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Festival Food - Bingley Festival

I have only ever been to two festivals (and I have camped at neither), both of those festivals have been Bingley Music Live in 2012 and 2013. It's local and it's cheap and I love it.

I did plan to write this post last year but got caught up in a few things and it was never published. This year I was determined... determination is however effected by the amount of alcohol that makes its way in to your belly.

However here is my (poor) attempt at a review of this years food at Bingley festival.

First up on the Friday night we decided on Mexican, it was close to the stage and we were close to the stage, there were plenty of people walking away with piled high nachos it was clearly popular so we thought we would give it a go.

The Mexican food stop was called... Mexican. Original well thought out name.

Here is the menu...

Not cheap at £6.50 a burrito but you're never going to get your monies worth at a festival - everything is over priced. We noticed a lot of people walking around with the meat feast nachos which come in at a hefty £9 but they were huge and definitely enough for two people... or one drunk person who has a challenge in mind..

A few of the kids seemed to favour the curly fries with toppings option but this was not for me... soggy chips? No thanks.

R and I decided to go for a burrito each.

R went for the chicken with all the toppings including jalapenos..

I decided to go for the chili burrito with all the toppings bar the jalapenos.

They were massive and messy. You couldn't eat these burritos like you would in Barburrito this required a paper dish and a plastic fork. I think both of us managed to eat some soggy paper too. Mine wasn't too spicy and the flavours weren't that refined but I was happy with it. It was better than I was expecting.

However... we were still a little peckish once we had finished out burritos so we decided to go for the sin of cheesy chips...

The cheesy chips were £3 from one of the generic burger vans (of which I counted about four all owned by the same company?!) it was also £3 if you just wanted chips and mayo! So we felt our money better spent with the cheese. The chips went cold before we could finish them and the cheese was plastic like and didn't really taste of cheese but they filled a hole.

The next day after some substantial pint drinking we decided to try out Zouk. I noticed Zouk here last year and I also noticed them at Leeds Food Festival in Millennium square this year. The queue was massive it looked like a hit!

R and I both chose the same this time, chicken tikka in a naan wrap with mango.

The chicken is cooked over charcoal and it smells amazing as you walk past. This however made the chicken quite dry and the naan was also dry and a bit chewy, more mango sauce was needed and the little that we had seemed to attract the wasps!

The night ended in a fairly drunken way... and I didn't remember to get a picture of the donuts I decided would be an awesome idea at 8pm at night... here is picture to explain all.

The next day after a heavy night I couldn't face the pain au chocolat I had bought in for me and R to eat for breakfast... So I headed to 'The Loft' in Bingley. It was somewhere I found last year... having found myself in the same state that year too, and loved it.

The Loft was a little busier than last year and we had to sit on some high stools before we could get a table but this took around 5 minutes.

I went for the 'full on' breakfast substituting the bacon for an extra sausage and a pot of tea.

Look at that beauty. This was heaven to me on this Sunday morning (afternoon). Under the beans is another sneaky hash-brown and under the toast and eggs that you can just about see there are some mushrooms. I couldn't finish the full on breakfast but I had a good go! The full on breakfast only costs £4.95 with £1.70 for a pot of tea that seemed never ending.

R went for a sausage sandwich... apologies for the picture.. I was less than functioning.

Upstairs in the loft is beautifully decorated with a relaxed feel (if you ignore the drunk festivallers in the corner) and I would definitely make a trip here when the festival is not on.

Later that day at the festival after the big breakfast had digested a little we decided to share a Dominoes pizza, it was close, we were cold, and it just seemed convenient.

It cost £9 for this... and it was sat on the heater when we went up and ordered it... it was soaked in grease (you can see the puddle in the centre) but it was good. Still feeling a bit worse for wear this was just what our bellies needed and it warmed us up as well.

Overall... festival food can do better. I'd like to see more local street food vendors at local small festivals. I understand when it's Leeds Festival or other bigger festivals as the spots will be hit by thousands upon thousands of people... but it would be nice if small or medium sized festivals could offer a discounted rate to the likes of Fish& (to chose but one example). It would provide us with better quality food and would most likely keep people in the festival grounds when they are hungry rather than leaving to source cheaper and tastier alternatives outside...

We did see someone eating a Greggs in the festival on Saturday night, but was disappointed in her when she confessed it was only a cheese and onion!

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