Thursday, 1 August 2013

Patisserie Valerie - Leeds St Paul's Street

Brunch with the girls is one of life's pleasures. Trying to find a perfect place to have brunch with the girls is not. This place might not be perfect but it's pretty damn close.

A new Patisserie Valerie has opened in Leeds down St Paul's Street near the corporate part of town. I've never been to Patisserie Valerie mainly because it always looks jam packed and claustrophobic on Albion Street. This one is slightly out of the way for your weekend shoppers so we decided to give it a go.

Patisserie Valerie is great for brunch because they serve brunch all day! Great for those who struggle to get out of bed for an early brunch... Or those of you who have friends who are always late... 

Another reason why it's great for brunch is the massively appealing cake selection!

Myself and three friends visited last Saturday nearing 11.45. The place wasn't even nearing half full and we were shown to some seats. They seem to have a lot of tables set up for two and none for larger groups so two tables had to be pushed together for us. It just seemed a little odd to me.

We were all giving menus and about 30 seconds later someone came over wanting to take our drink choices. Seriously? First of all we're a group of women on a Saturday we will chat and take an awfully long time to decide what we're having because of this. Secondly - let us look at the menus!

A few minutes later she came back and took our drinks order. I went for tea, L went for water, R for a banana dream frappe and V went for a raspberry ripple frappe.

I was thrilled to get a tea pot with its own brewing basket but soon realised the shortcomings of my choice. The ever so nicely presented tea came on a tray that took up most of my table space, so I had to encroach on V's table space...

Both V and R loved their frappes and their associated brain freezes. 

We asked once before asking for a few more minutes what we wanted... In the L went for something from the summer menu. Goats cheese tart. She finished this off in no time despite protesting (before ordering) that she hasn't long since eaten her cereal.

V and R both got the mozzarella, avocado, tomato, basil and pesto ciabatta although R asked for hers without the avocado.

I was also tempted by the above but didn't want to order the same so I went for the Valerie Club. This is made up of grilled chicken breast, gammon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on toasted granary bread.

My little toasted sandwiches were delightful and the chips (crisps) and salad as accompaniments filled me right up. For such a little price this was great... Apart from we were all now too full to try the cake!

In case your wondering the crisps are plain/salted and that is an olive not a grape. 

Next time we will have to return for afternoon tea and just have CAKE! 

Patisserie Valerie Leeds St Paul's
8 St Paul's Street

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