Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mrs Atha's - Leeds

I've visited Mrs Atha's before now, it was last year in the depth of winter, I wasn't really blogging at the time (you will note the big gap in posts between summer and winter) so I was determined to visit again and post a review as I really like the place.

Mrs Atha's sits behind House of Fraser in Leeds City Centre, in what previously used to be a cheap clothes shop I think. It is as deceptive from the outside as Little Tokyo it's neighbour is. There are seats outside now it is summer and as you walk in you will notice the room stretches far back and there is a cosy downstairs too (not so cosy in summer - more sweltering).

The menu is displayed on blackboards to your left as you walk in with a delicious display of cakes along the counter. They have plenty of hot drinks to choose from but with it being summer I settled on a cherry coke and R a rose lemonade.

One of the things I love about this place is the atmosphere, we shared a table with two strangers and then later a couple more. There clientele here is mixed, I have seen a group of older ladies huddling around teacups and younger people with tattoos up to their armpits. There is no pretencion it's just a nice place to be.

Mrs Atha's serves an all day breakfast and also lunch type foods. You order at the counter as you walk in and order your drinks, somehow they manage to track where you have decided to sit and even remember what you ordered when they bring out your food - good service.

On this day R and I were visiting for a spot of lunch to fuel us for an afternoon of shopping. R decided to go for a sausage sandwich from the all day breakfast menu - served in wholegrain bread with grilled sausages.

I went for the pulled pork sandwich (fad alert!) served in ciabatta with crisps and homemade coleslaw. The pulled pork was marinated in a BBQ sauce which had seeped through nicely in to the ciabatta. A good bread to chose for such as sandwich as you don't want it disintegrating in your hands as you eat, I find ciabatta to be really dry and often it gives me indigestion so a lot of sauce is needed to rectify this. I was cautious  for this reason but in fact I had no reason to be. The slaw although not great in quantity was great in quality thick long slides of cabbage and carrot made for a nice crunchy afterthought to the sandwich, and everyone likes a few crisps thrown in!

I love the mismatch nature of this place which is very on trend at the moment. It just makes things a little bit more interesting, which plate will you get, what's that over there on the wall, how is your chair? 

The service is great and they don't let this falter during peak times, I will return here time and time again.

I'm told their coffee is great too if you're a coffee lover...

Mrs Atha's - Leeds

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