Friday, 16 August 2013

Don't Tell Titus - Saltaire

I've visited Don't Tell Titus before for lunch and a couple of times for drinks. I wasn't too impressed by their lunch (see here) but I had been told that their evening restaurant menu was better.

One warm summers evening R and I were looking for somewhere nice to eat in Saltaire, preferably with a beer garden. However it was pushing 7.30pm by the time we finally managed to get out of the house and the places on Bingley Road didn't appeal. We walked down to Roberts Park to find that the Boathouse Inn were to stop serving food at 8pm... it was now 7.55pm. So we headed towards Don't Tell Titus, by this time just trying to find anywhere still serving food. 

We walked in and enquired about food and a table, they made us wait a couple of minutes as they weren't sure there would be space upstairs. Clearly there was a table otherwise I wouldn't be writing this post... however I was unsure how they could question whether there would be a table as the restaurant upstairs was only half full... 

When I say the restaurant was half full we were the only people in there who weren't part of a larger party. A very loud larger party. 

We ordered a bottle of Pinot and set about looking over the menu. 

As it was quite warm we weren't looking to eat a huge meal and so settled on just mains. R ordered the 'Traditional Chicken Curry Homemade Indian Recipe'. (Apologies for the rubbish picture but you get the idea)

I decided to order the Aloo Chloe - a potato and chickpea curry.

With the curries we had a choice of rice or chapatis as accompaniments so we chose one each and shared them between us.

R's dish looked a lot more appetising than my own... and probably was too. R said it wasn't too spicy and she quite liked it. Mine however seemed to be lacking sauce. It was dry and a bit tasteless to be honest. I was again disappointed by DTT.

The empty dining room.

The meal came to £30 which I didn't think was worth it.. we could have done better in one of the local pubs should we have gotten in to Saltaire a little earlier. They also tried to charge us twice... with someone coming running over to our table with a card machine as we left and I sternly told them we had already paid. The service like last time was haphazard and we were either left for long periods of time or asked for our choices too soon. The staff need to learn perception, or even perhaps if a customer is looking at you they want your attention.

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